Year's End Wrap Up
  2004 In A Nut Shell 


The 2004 show season for Chambray has to rank as one of the most successful ever for a breeder from the state of Florida, with 26 BEST OF BREEDS, 9 GROUP WINS, including a GROUP 1, 23 Winners Dog/Winners Bitch, 17 New International Champions and  3 NEW AKC CHAMPIONS, including 2 more BRED-BY CHAMPIONS from our kennel, all  would shine brightly as supers stars for the year. The following is a chronological sequence of events by our dogs for the 2004 show season.


          The 2004 Dog Show year starts out on January 3rd at the Deland shows with a huge bang for Chambray, with the crowning of a new champion, Carmays Ruff Around The Edges. Mr. Boo had come to Chambray just 4 months earlier as a development dog, with the promise that he would have some points in 6 months! Well, mission super-accomplished, as he captures the 15 points and 2 majors needed to be a champion in record-setting fashion in the tough fall and winter Florida shows. Mr. Boo also earned his International title and his CGC while he was with the Chambray management program. He is now back at Carmay as Am/Int Ch Carmays Ruff Around The Edges CGC


          The first 2 months of the season will see the first of our super stars, Am/Nat Ch Chambrays Twist of Fate take 4 Best of Breeds in a row, dominating the wins from the breed ring in the first 3 months of shows. Her winning ways would continue the rest of the year accumulating a total of 15 Best of Breeds and the number 1 Labrador Retriever ranking from Florida, #22 USA for the AKC/Eukanuba Championship Invitational, making her the winningest female Labrador ever from our kennel. By virtue of the #22 national ranking, Karley would be one of the top 25 Labradors that would receive an invitation to the prestigious AKC Eukanuba Championship Invitational event to be held in Tampa on January 15th, thus making history for Chambray Labradors with the first-ever Chambray dog to qualify for the Eukanuba event.


          Chambrays Moon Over Maya would win 3 Winners Bitch, including a 3-point major to bring her total to 13 points and 1 major, leaving her just 1 major win from obtaining her AKC title. Maya would win her International UCI title at the Orlando International shows in February, making her one of 22 Chambray International champions. She is now Int. Ch Chambrays Moon Over Maya.


          A combination of wins by Chambrays Mid Night Lady, Chambrays Greenhead Salsa and Chambrays Southern Pride Beau in March would boost Team Chambray with 3 Winners Dog/Bitch awards. All three of them would earn their International championís title later in the year at the Orlando International shows. All would also earn their CGC titles in addition to their International champions title. They are now Int Ch Chambrays Mid Night Lady CGC, Int Ch Chambrays Greenhead Salsa CGC and Int Ch Chambrays Southern Pride Beau CGC.


          The second super star of the season, Chambrays Chisholm Sir Lancelot would begin his winning odyssey with a Winners Dog for a 3-point major and a Best of Breed in March. He would follow that up in the following couple of months with 2 more 3-point major Winners Dog wins. Lance would conclude the year with a total of 6 Winners Dog for his AKC championship, including a final Winners Dog for another 3-point major under renown, Labrador breeder/judge Eric Bergishagen, he would also add an International title and a BEST IN SHOW BRED BY EXHIBITOR win and a Canine Good Citizen, CGC. Not bad for a yearís work for this growing boy. He is now Am/Int Chambrays Chisholm Sir Lancelot CGC, becoming a state-record #17 owner/handled bred by champion in Florida history.


          Chambrays Right On Target would contribute greatly to the team efforts and towards his title chase, with 4 Winners Dog wins, including a 3-point major win, leaving him 1 major win away from his AKC title. Dakota would also earn his International title at the May Orlando International shows. He is now Int Ch Chambrays Right On Target.


          Our third super star for 2004 was Chambrays Mad About Madeline CGC, as she would begin a great winning streak at the SDKC dog shows in May and eventually win 8 Best of Breeds in the remaining months of the year, earning her 2 majors to finish her AKC title, becoming Chambrays #16 bred by champion. She would become only the 2nd Chambray dog to ever win a Group 1 and go into Best In Show. Later in the year she would also win a Group 2, both of those wins would propel her to the #9 Labrador ranking in the Sporting Group. Maddie also makes history for Chambray, by becoming the first-ever female from our kennel to attend the Westminster Dog Show in 2005. Maddie is now Am/Int Ch Chambrays Mad About Madeline CGC TDI. She also passed her Therapy Dog International test and carries the TDI title also


          Several other dogs contributed to Team Chambray with wins this past year. Carmays River Of Dreams added to the wins for Team Chambray with 2 Winners Dog Awards for 4 points. His half sister, Danjacs Steppin Out At Carmay, would add both an International title and a CGC to her resume, plus finish the year at the December Miami Dog Shows with a 3-point major under Labrador-breeder judge Sam Draper.


          The Orlando International Shows In October would provide the venue for 2 Best In Show Veteran wins by the incomparable Ch. Chambrays Chisholm Chancey CGC. She would also earn her International title with straight wins from the Open Class against an excellent field of younger bitches. Chancey would for the second straight year, 2003 and 2004 make the Labrador Breed Honorable Mention Brood Bitch with 2 champion offspring in each of those years. She is now BISV JAMSS Am/Int Ch. Chambrays Chisholm Chancey CGC.


          Also at the International shows, Chambrays Amazing Grace would earn her Int Chís title with 4 V1ís, plus Gracie would add the CGC title in December 2004. Joining Gracie at the International shows with a title were Ch Chambrays Silver Storm CGC, Chambrays Criteria Continuator and WinQuest-Chambray Donna Gia with her Jrís title. They are now Int. Ch. Chambrays Amazing Grace CGC, Am/Int Ch Chambrays Silver Storm CGC, Int Ch Chambrays Criteria Continuator and Int Jr Ch WinQuest-Chambray Donna Gia.


          2004 will be remembered as a super-banner year for Chambray, finishing 3 new AKC champions, the #1 Labrador from Florida & #22 in the country, the #1 Sporting Group Labrador from Florida & #11 in the country, 2 BEST IN SHOW VETERAN wins, 1 BEST IN SHOW BRED BY EXHIBITOR, 17 new International UCI champions, 8 new CGC titles, 2 TDI title.


Our mission: The Betterment of the Breed,


2004 Mission Accomplished!


Below are some of the dogs that contributed to the 2004 show season successes

Click on thumbprints for larger image.


Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chisholm Chancey CGC 2004 NEW INT CH with her 3 Am/Int Ch daughters

AM AKC & UCI Nat. CH. Chambrays Twist of Fate Ranked #22 USA 2004 Eukanuba Invitational

Am/Int Ch Chambrays Mad About Madeline CGC 2004 NEW AKC CH

Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chisholm's Sir Lancelot CGC 2004 NEW AKC & INT CH

AM AKC & UCI Int CH. Carmays Ruff Around The Edges CGC 2004 NEW AKC CHAMPION

Am/Int Ch Chambrays Silver Storm CGC 2004 NEW INT CH

Int/Nat Ch Chambrays Right On Target (Dakota) AKC 13 points 2004 NEW INT CH

UCI Int. CH. Chambrays Moon Over Maya CGC { AKC 13 points 1mjr} 2004 NEW INT CH.

UCI International CH. Chambrays Southern Pride Beau { AKC 2 points} 2004 NEW INT CH

UCI International CH. Chambrays Salsa Caliente { AKC 1 point } 2004 NEW INT CH

UCI International Ch. Ridge View Chrushed Rock 2004 NEW INT CH

Carmays River of Dreams { 2004 AKC 4 points }

Int Ch Chambrays Amazing Grace 2004 NEW INT CH

Int Jr CH Chambrays Greenhead Chango

Int Ch Chambrays Criterion Continuator 2004 NEW INT CH

Int Ch Chambrays Mid Night Lady CGC 2004 NEW INT CH & 2 AKC points

Int Ch Danjacs Steppin Out At Carmay CGC NEW INT CH 3-point major Winners Bitch

WinQuest-Chambray Donna Gia 2004 NEW INT JR CH.




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