End Of Year Report For 2005



2005 End Of Year Report


Well, the 2005 year has only a few days left and we have just wrapped up another year of involvement with dog shows and in particular Labradors. This now makes 35 years, since 1970, that I have been into dogs. It also celebrates another successful year for Chambray Labradors at the dog shows.


There were champions crowned, adding to the state-record of owner/handled bred-by champions now at 19! There were many firsts throughout the year, including the #1 female Labrador from the state of Florida, the first female to win 2 Group 1’s, breeding to the #1 Labrador in the history of the breed, and other notable firsts mentioned below.


Going into the 2005 show season was a bit intimidating, as the previous 4 years of showing were stellar beyond comparisons. Each succeeding year was to topple the record-setting year from before, with 2004 becoming the pinnacle of Chambray Labrador’s show existence and undoubtedly the single greatest year from any Florida Labrador breeder ever! A year that saw:


  • Am/Int Ch Chambrays Twist of Fate handled by Jessie Herzon finish out the year with the #1 Labrador ranking from Florida and #22 Labrador USA ranking and qualifying her for the prestigious Eukanuba Top 25 Championship Invitational.
  • Am/Int Ch Chambray Mad About Maddie CGC TDI NAP, win the first-ever Chambray female GROUP 1 and also finish the year as the #1 Sporting Group Female Labrador from Florida.
  • Finishing 3 new champions in 1 year, Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chisholm Sir Lancelot CGC, Am/Int Ch Chambrays Mad About Maddie CGC TDI NAP and Am/Int Ch Carmays Ruff Around The Edges CGC
  • 26 Best Of Breeds
  • 9 GROUP Placements including a GROUP 1,
  • 23 Winners Dog/Bitch , that's 23 different shows were either a male or a bitch won Winners Dog or Winners Bitch.
  • 17 New International Champions.
  • An astonishing BIG FIVE  win (BOB, Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex) at the June 2004 Miami Dog Shows, with Am/Int Ch Chambrays Twist Of Fate going BOB, Chambrays Chisholm Sir Lancelot going Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex and Chambrays Mad About Madeline winning Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. All 3 dogs from the same kennel and from the same mother, Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chisholm Chancey CGC!


Planning for the 2005 show season was a bit different in that most of our seasoned dogs, those that had dominated the wins in Florida for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 were now finished (a total of 11 AKC champions) and our cast of characters for the new season were mostly puppies and young dogs under the age of 2 years old! Only 2 dogs remained from the old guard and they were to exist out early on in the show season, leaving the young bucks to carry on for Chambray Labradors and the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed for the majority of 2005. We honestly felt that accomplishing just 25% of what had been done in the previous year, that 2005 would be a success.


The start of 2005 season at the West Palm Beach Dog Show in March was a major first-ever occurrence, the crowning of 2 champions in one weekend and littermates at that. Needing only a 3-point major win for her AKC title, Chambrays Moon Over Maya, handled by yours truly would savor the taste of the hunt with exactly that number at Saturday’s show. She would become Chambray Labradors 18th homebred champion, adding to our already existing state record. Maya is officially now Am/Int Ch Chambrays Moon Over Maya CGC. She awaits maternity duties with Int Ch Carmays Duststorm At Chambray in the spring of 2006.


Turning in the hat trick at Sunday’s show was Maya’s littermate brother, Chambrays Right On Target (Dakota). He also was in need of a 3-point major to fulfill the requirements for his AKC champion’s title. Superbly handled by Johanna Herzon, he was to win the Open Yellow Class and then go head to head with one of our up and coming stars, 7-month old Chambrays Out Of The Ruff (Hogan) handled by Jessie Herzon. The judge pulled both dogs out for Winners Dog consideration and it would be Dakota/Johanna that were to prevail enabling him to finish and making him Chambray’s 19th homebred champion, but we were to see a glimpse of great things to come from our new crop of youngsters with Hogan being awarded the first of many Reserves in 2005 before eventually taking the gold at the last show of the year. Dakota is now Am/Int Ch Chambrays Right On Target.

Maya and Dakota's championship would make it 3 years in a row that Chambray had two new champions per year and at least 1 champion per year since 1998 when there were 3 that year.

These back-to-back championships by littermates would be among some of the outstanding achievements and firsts for the 2005 show dog season. However with the two remaining veterans, Maya and Dakota now finished, it would be totally up to the youngsters to carry on the winning tradition for our kennel and for the Partners Program. It would be precisely those members of the Partners Program that would now be counted on for ensuring our continued successes at the Florida dog shows.


Striking gold “points” first from the young crew of dogs would be Carmays Duststorm at Chambray at the St Pete’s Dog Shows on April 2nd. Coincidentally the 2-point Winners Dog  occurred on his first birthday! Our other up and coming boy, Hogan had garnered several Reserve Winners Dog awards before Dusty’s win, giving us hope that both dogs would mature enough to become competitive later on in the year.


Am/Int Ch Chambrays Mad About Madeline CGC TDI NAP would be our only veteran and “specials” dog out and she would not disappoint with several Best Of Breeds and consistent Best Of Opposite Sex placements in the spring.


The International Dog Shows in May held in Orlando would provide the venue for 10 new International Champions.

  • WinQuest-Chambrays Some Like It Hot (Sammie) would shine bright with a Best In Show.
  • Chambrays Out Of The Ruff (Hogan) would take 3 Sporting Group Placements after winning Best Of Breeds from the Labrador ring.
  • Carmays River of Dreams and Hyspire’s Gateway Major Chord (Cori) would each win a Best Of Breed, with Rivers receiving a Sporting Group Placement.
  • WinQuest-Chambray Donna Gia would earn her Int Jr Ch’s title with 4 SG1’s and Chambrays Diamond In The Ruff would receive his National Jr Champions title.


The June shows at the South Dade Kennel Club would have 2-year-old Int Ch Danjacs Steppin Out At Carmay (Duchess) win her second Winners Bitch award as Maddie was awarded Best Of Breed. Int Ch Chambrays Southern Pride CGC was also awarded a Reserve Winners Dog at the same shows.


Duchess would also take Winners Bitch at the Lakeland shows 2 weeks later and Carmays No Alibi would take her first Reserve Winners Bitch award on the same weekend of shows.


The July dog shows in Palmetto had Maddie win another Best of Breed while WinQuest-Chambray Donna Gia was awarded her first Reserve Winners Bitch award.


The following weekend at the West Palm Beach Dog Shows, Maddie takes another Best Of Breed while 2 of our youngest continue to impress the judges as Hogan takes back-to-back Reserve Winners Dog at Saturday and Sunday’s shows. His littermate sister, Chambrays Summer Arrogance would take a Reserve at Saturday's show and then come through with her first points as the Winners Bitch at Sunday's show.


Two months later at the Kissimmee Dog Shows, the youngsters would shine brightly as 6-month-old WinQuest Chambrays Some Like It Hot (Sammie) would take Winners Bitch for her first points. Two of the boys would go Reserve Winners Dog, one going to Hogan and the other to Dusty.


Maddie added to her Best Of Breeds at the October 10th Ocala Dog Shows and then became the first-ever Chambray dog to win a second Group 1 placement and get the chance to compete in Best In Show for the second time in her show career.


The second set of International Dog Shows in Orlando at the end of October would give Chambray and the Partners Program another 6 new champion’s titles,

  • Sammie winning her second Best In Show in as many International Show weekends in addition to Best Labrador Puppy, Best Sporting Group Puppy
  • Dusty was to win Best Of Breed Adult at 3 out of the 4 shows and 3 Group Placements,
  • WinQuest Storm Major (Jason) won a Best Of Breed Puppy/Group Placement
  • Chambrays Stroke Of Genius (Frida) at her first shows also won a Best Labrador Puppy and Group Placement.


The show season was considerably shorten due to the hurricanes that struck the area in the fall, as some shows and sites had to be cancelled. Due to damage at our home and kennels we were to forego 3 sets of weekend shows.


The Miami Dog Shows December 10th and 11th would see Maddie win another Best Of Breed in front of the cheering home crowd. The following day, it would be one of our young boys; Dusty that would take Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed, while another youngster, WinQuest Storm Major (Jason) would take the Reserve Winners Dog award for the boys. WinQuest Chambray Donna Gia would be awarded her second Reserve Winners Bitch of the year award at that show also.


The last show weekend of the year is the traditional December Orlando Cluster. This is 3 days of show, with the Purina Breeders Showcase Sweepstakes being held on Thursday before the first show on Friday. This year was Chambray’s first visit to the Breeders Showcase in the 5 years since its inception. The results were worth the trip with both breeders’ categories, Best Of Breed Adult and Best Of Breed Puppy, going to Chambray dogs. It would be Chambrays Out Of The Ruff that was awarded Best Of Breed Adult Labrador over a strong field of dogs bred by the other Florida Labrador breeders. Hogan also was awarded a Group 4 from the Sporting Groups. Chambrays Stroke Of Genius (Frida) was to win the Best Of Breed Puppy Labrador and then take a Group 2 in the very competitive Bred-By Sporting Group competition.


At Saturday’s Orlando show, Hogan was to finally come through taking a 3-point major Winners Dog, while Frida was awarded her very first Reserve Winners Bitch award at her first set of AKC shows. Frida’s littermate brother Storm was awarded Reserve Winners Dog at Sundays show.


What was anticipated as an off-year with a cast of puppies and young dogs turned out as an impressive display of great things to come for the 2006 dog show season.


  • There were 9 Best of Breeds, eight of which came from Am/Int Ch Chambrays Mad About Maddie CGC TDI NAP who managed to rank as the #1 Labrador bitch from Florida for 2005. Dusty was the other Best of Breed
  • A super Group 1 placement by Maddie
  • 13 new International titles
  • 9 Winners Dog/Winners Bitch
  • 21 Reserve Winners Dog/Reserve Winners Bitch awards


The outlook for the new season is the absolute strongest ever with the young cast of players reaching full strength at the beginning of the season in March of 2006. The lineup for the boys is super impressive, as never before has Chambray or the Partners Program had as many possible big time winners coming out together. Headlining the class dogs will be:


  • From the Open Yellow Class will be Int Ch Carmays Duststorm At Chambray with 4 points and a Best Of Breed from the 2005 season. Dusty competed in the very tough Open Yellow Class the last part of the 2005 show season even though he was less than 20 months old! With maturity and nearing 2 years of age in March, we feel Dusty will be a strong contender and win his share of the Open Yellow Class
  • Competing from the Bred-By Exhibitors Class will be Int Jr Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff CGC with a 3-point Major win. Hogan will dominate the wins from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class come the new season and Winners Dog points will follow suit.
  • Moving out of the 12 to 18 month class and into the Am-Bred Class will be Int Jr Ch Chambrays Diamond In The Ruff (Beach Boy). Beach Boy’s maturity came on strong towards the end of 2005 and he should hold his own in the Am Bred Class in the first part of 2006.
  • Joining Dusty out of the Open Yellow Class will be Int Jr Ch WinQuest Storm Major. Jason started to show at the October International shows and earned a Reserve Winners Dog in limited showing. Jason’s development was a major surprise to us in the fall of 2005. We feel that the next 3 months of maturity will make him a strong contender for the points from the Open Yellow Class.
  • Competing from the 12 to 18 Class will be WinQuest White Wizard van Dalen. This big boy has awesome potential to be a break out winner early on and take Winners Points from the 12 to 18 Class in the first half of 2006.
  • Joining the boys and out of the Open Black Class will the WinQuest-Chambray Motown Luiggi, now living with Jessie Peeples and her family. Luiggi is absolutely the most impressive black male that I have seen in the last 10 years! Placing him with Jessie Peeples and her family has worked wonders on his mental development. Watch out for this young handsome boy to woo the judges from the Open Black Class come March 2006.
  • We also hope to see TOF Acadia Calm B4 The Storm, the Karley X Buzz male puppy owned by Dr Susan Adams do well from the 9 to 12 class.


These are 7 great young dogs, all under the age of two years old, each capable of winning points and some having a great shot at becoming the next champion for Chambray Labradors and the Partners Program.


Their anchor will be our special’s male Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chisholm Sir Lancelot CGC competing from the Best Of Breed competition. Lance will make his 2006 "specials" debut at the Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Club’s specialty for the back-to-back February

Saturday and Sunday shows.


The female’s lineup is as impressive and deeper than the males lineup as the young cast of girls will be joined by at least one veteran:


  • Int Ch Hyspire’s Gateway Major Chord CGC. Cori will return to showing at the 2 Atlanta Specialties and then will join the rest of the crew at the West Palm Shows in March. Cori who has 9 points will be hunting for the very elusive major-pointed shows, as she only needs majors to complete her championship. She will show from the Open Yellow Class and add to the Partners Placement Program with a co-bred litter with Gateway Labradors later in 2006
  • Int Ch Danjacs Steppin Out At Carmay CGC with 5 points and 1 major from the 2005 show season will continue her quest for the remaining 10 points and 1 more major for her title. Duchess will join Cori in the very tough Open Yellow Class and also figure into the breeding program for 2006.
  • Gateways Talk Of The Town CGC (Gabby) will be ready to return to the ring out of the Open Black Class. Gabby has a Reserve Winners Bitch to her credit in very limited outings.
  • Int Ch Chambrays Princess Kaeti CGC who had been competing from the Am Bred Class will join Cori and Duchess in the Open Yellow Class.
  • Int Ch Chambrays Amazing Grace CGC will also join the other girls in the Open Yellow Class and will make the trek to the Atlanta back-to-back specialties in February. Gracie will also figure into the breeding program for 2006.
  • Int Jr Ch WinQuest-Chambray Donna Gia who won 2 Reserve Winners Bitch awards this past year will more than likely jump into the thick of things in the tough Open Black Class at the start of the show season in March at West Palm Beach as she has shown tremendous physical development in the last 3 months.
  • WinQuest Olivia co-owned with Geraldo De Souza will debut in the Bred By Exhibitor Class in March handled by her owner/breeder Geraldo De Souza.
  • Chambrays Summer Arrogance will compete from the Am Bred Class starting in March. Summer has 1 Winners Bitch and 3 Reserve Winners Bitch awards to her 2005 credit.
  • Int Jr Ch WinQuest Chambray Some Like It Hot (Sammie) with 2 points from 2005 will be featured from the 12 to 18 classes.
  • Int Baby Ch Chambrays Stroke Of Genius (Frida) will be showing from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class.
  • Chambrays Greenhead Caramela our chocolate puppy will debut in either the 6 to 9 class or go straight into the Bred-By Exhibitor Class with Jessica handling her as her breeder/owner.
  • Chambrays Dream Come True (Bella) another Karley X Buzz female puppy will debut from 9 to 12 class.


These are 12 females, any of which would be the headliner for any breeder in the state, all of which may win at any given show.


We are also negotiating incorporating

  • an outstanding 12-month-old yellow bitch from Devonshire Labradors to join our already formidable lineup of super star quality bitches.

  • an adult black female from Summer Winds Labradors is also projected to join or Handling Management Program by mid spring.

  • Other projects are under consideration for inclusion into the Partners Program, as other breeders, owners and exhibitors join the growing number of folk with the Betterment of the Breed in mind that the Partners Program has to offer.


Although the beginning of last year’s show season was  awaited with major reservations due to the immaturity and lack of ring experience with all of the youngsters, the 2006 show season is now awaited with much anticipation because of those same youngsters that have matured, developed ring savvy and had started winning at the latter part of 2005. This same lineup will now be the top seeded players at each of the dog shows they compete at starting in March of the New Year.


Who knows, we might even reach the stellar heights of the records-setting 2004 show season and with the Partners Program now in full swing, we might even surpass the great accomplishments of that benchmark year. Time will tell and the next 3 months before show time will be spent planning, training and conditioning this great lineup of potential world-class dogs.

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 what a great testament to the success of the Partners Program and now the New Year is upon us and we anticipate even greater things to come!



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