2005 Mid Fall Assessment
Oct. 23rd  2005



Well, here we are several hours before yet another hurricane affects parts of Florida and in particular the area that I live in, South Florida! As I take a break from the hurricane preparations, I decide to relieve some stress and sit at the computer and assess where we are in this pre-hurricane day. Hurricane Wilma is 24 hours away from the Miami area and we should shortly begin to feel some of the squalls that proceed the brunt of the hurricane.  So before the power goes out and my mind is totally occupied with pressing by the moment matters, I will compose this update.

In order to compare where each dog is from the Spring Update, I have left those Update notes for each dog in this color, new titles and the current status of each dog will appear in this color.


November 14th Update to the pre-hurricane update: Well, we survived Hurricane Wilma, of course more tattered than after Hurricane Katrina 2 months ago, but alive and kicking. I've decided to add some developments since the October 23rd assessments, so I will do those in this color

Here is a dog by dog assessment of the 2005 Show Season debut.

  • Am/Nat Ch Chambrays Twist of Fate - Karley continues to up the ante on her record-setting trek of  Best of Breeds by taking her career 16th Best of Breed at West Palm Beach on Saturday's show. Karley will take the spring and summer off with maternity duties, she will be bred to BISS BIS CH Aquarius Centercourt Delight.

    Karley had her litter of 11 puppies, 6 girls and 5 boys. 2 of those puppies have joined the Partners Program for the betterment of the breed. Chambrays Stroke Of Genius (Frida), owned by Elke Fernandez and Chambrays Dream Come True (BellaV), owned by Luis Valdez. Watch for Frida at the Oct. 29/30th International Dog Shows and both Frida and BellaV in December at the AKC shows.

  • Am/Int Ch Chambrays Moon Over Maya becomes Chambray Labradors state-record #18 Home-Bred champion by winning the remaining Major-Point show on Saturday's WPB show. Maya will be bred in the fall of 2005.

    We await Maya's turn at maternity duties in the next couple of months

  • Am/Int Ch Chambrays Right On Target -  Dakota wins a 4-point major at WPB's Sunday show to earn his championship and become Chambray's state-record #19 Home-Bred Champion. Dakota and Maya set another new record of finishing back-to-back in the same weekend. Dakota will be campaigned as a "specials dog" in the Best of Breed competition for the rest of 2005.

    Dakota stands at stud to approved bitches

  • Am/Int Ch Chambrays Sir Lancelot Chisholm CGC - Lance did not make the 1st 2 weekends of shows in March, but plans call for him to come out as a specials to compete in the Best of Breed Competition later in the summer or fall to get him to qualify for the 2007 Eukanuba.

    Lance has sired 1 litter for Chambray and stands at stud to approved bitches and is currently being shown as a specials dog in the Best Of Breed competition.

    Lance receives his OFA Thyroid Certificate 11/11/05

  • Int Ch HySpire Gateway Major Chord CGC - Cori is the newest addition to Chambrays Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed. She comes to Chambray from Gateway Labradors with 9 points. We look forward to finishing Cori in 2005, as she will be head-lining the Open Yellow Class. Cori showed well at both the March, West Palm and the Ft Lauderdale weekends. Cori just earned her CGC title on 03/22/05.

    Cori needs 2 majors to finish her title and there has been almost no majors in Florida since the SFLRC's specialty in May. so Cori has not been out since then to AKC shows. In May she earned her International title. She is now Int Ch Hyspire's Gateway Major Chord CGC. She will make the Miami show in December.

  • Int Ch Danjacs Steppin Out At Carmay CGC - Duchess finished the year in December of 2004 at the Miami shows with a 3-point major under respected breeder-judge Sam Draper. She is now showing in the very competitive Open Yellow Class. At 2 years of age, she has developed into one of the best moving bitches in the Florida shows.

    Duchess has won a total of 3 Winners Bitch for 5 points and 1 major. She will be showing at the Ft Myers, Miami and Orlando Dog shows.

  • Int Ch Carmays River of Dreams CGC - Rivers has developed into a very impressive young male. He is competing in the very tough Open Black Class and has held his own against the older males in that class. As he nears 2 years of age in June, we expect him to add to his 4 points from last year.

    Rivers has been in development and has not been showing since the April shows. He earned his International title in May and also his CGC title. He is now Int Ch Chambrays River Of Dreams CGC.

  • Int Ch Chambrays Southern Pride CGC - Beau with 2 points from last year has been placed into the conditioning and training program to get him ready for the up coming spring and summer shows.

    Due to an illness in the family, Beau has not been showing since last year.

  • Carmays No Alibi - Ali has matured into a very showey & typey bitch, as she competes in the Open Black Class. She will be 2 years old in June and with added maturity and showmanship we expect her to dominate the wins from that class.

    Ali has been off for the summer and will resume showing in November.

  • Int Ch Chambrays Amazing Grace CGC - Gracie is into a conditioning and training program as she matures and competes from the Am-Bred Class and eventually move up into the Yellow Open Class. We expect for Gracie to follow in her 3 sisters footsteps and finish out her AKC title by the beginning of the 2006 show season.

    Gracie had taken the summer off and will resume now in November

  • Gateways Talk Of The Town CGC- Gabby is a new acquisition from Gateway Labradors and is co-owned with WinQuest Labradors. She has matured into a flashy and typey black bitch who took a Major Reserve Winners Bitch at West Palm Beach on Sunday. She will be shown from the Am-Bred Class and we expect her to garner some points from this class before she moves up to the Black Open Class. Gabby just earned her CGC title on 03/22/05.

    Gabby had taken the summer off and will resume showing with the Miami Shows in December

  • Int Ch Chambrays MidNight Lady CGC -  Lady will be back out in the Bred-By Exhibitor Class for the next 3 months until she comes into heat. She will be bred to Carmays Duststorm at Chambray (Dusty) in June or July. Lady has 2 points and has matured tremendously in the past season and should pick up some more points along the way.

    Lady had taken the summer off and will resume showing at the Miami shows

  • Int Ch Chambrays Princess Kaeti CGC - Kaeti has turned into a real sweetheart and will compete from the 12 to 18 Class now in the spring and into the summer. She is very typey and has a very sweet face and expression and should do well from this class.

    Kaeti has taken off the summer and will begin showing at the International shows Oct 29/30

    Kaeti wins her UCI International Champion's title on October 29/30 at the Orlando International Shows

  • Int Ch Carmays Duststorm at Chambray - Dusty comes into the Partners Program from a top breeding of 2 Dovetail Labradors dog's, BISS Ch Dovetails Walk Th Walk (Walker) and Dovetails Diamonds In The Ruff and is now co-owned with Tanya Brillembourg. He will be showing from the 12 to 18 Class and should hold his own there as he is developing into a real looker!

    Dusty won a Winners Dog for 2 points in April and has taken a couple of Reserve Winners Dog since. He continues to show now from the Open Class. He will compete at the International Shows in Oct.

    Dusty wins 3 Best of Breeds and 3 Group 2's on his way to his UCI International Champion's title Oct 29/30 at the Orlando International shows.

    Dusty sires his first litter with a daughter of Eukanuba BOB Ch Little Rivers Ophir Calvin.

  • Int Jr. Ch WinQuest-Chambray Donna Gia - Gia is currently showing from the Puppy Classes and has already won several outstanding 1st placements. She took 4 V1's at the International Shows and earned her Jugend title.

    Gia is now showing from the 12-18 class and has won a Reserve Winners Bitch placement.

  • Int Jr Ch WinQuest Major Storm - Jason is in the development program as a co-own with WinQuest Labradors. He has shown 4 times and taken 3 first placements. We are really happy with this great looking boy and expect him to do well from the Puppy Class.

    Jason is now owned by Ulises Reyes and had taken the summer off and now is showing in the 12 to 18 class.

    Jason wins 1 Best of Breed Puppy and 1 Group 1 Puppy on his way to his UCI International JrChampion's title Oct 29/30 at the Orlando International shows


  • WinQuest-Chambray Onyx van Dalen - Onyx has developed nicely, as she shows from the Puppy Classes. She has taken several 1st placements with competition and we expect her to mature out into a very competitive bitch.

    Onyx had taken the summer off and now will now show from the 12 to 18 class.

  • Int. Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff CGC - Hogan was been very impressive from the Puppy Classes with 2 outstanding Major Reserve Winners Dogs awards. He consistently wins his class and is looked at by the 4 judges that he has been under.

    Hogan now has 6 Reserve Winners Dog wins, plus he won his International Champions title and also now has a CGC

  • Chambrays Summer Arrogance - Summer made her debut out of the very tough Bred-By Class at the first 4 shows of the year, competing against mature adult bitches. She showed well, even taking a 4th Place out of 8 bitches at Sundays Ft Lauderdale show.

    Summer wins her first Winners Bitch for 1 point in July as an 11 month old. She has a couple of Reserve Winners Bitch. She is showing from the Bred By Exhibitors class that she consistently wins.

  • Int/Nat Ch Chambrays Diamond In The Ruff - Beach Boy has been in training and debuted at the WPB shows competing in the tough Puppy Class. We expect to have him competitive at the up and coming spring shows.

    Beach Boy earns his National champions title at the International Dog Shows in May. Beach Boy is showing from the 12 to 18 class.

    Beach Boy wins his UCI International Jr's Champion's title on October 29/30 at the Orlando International Shows


  • Int Baby/Jr Ch. WinQuest Chambrays Some Like It Hot Sammie earned her International title at the May shows and in September became the 2nd youngest Chambray puppy to win a Winners Bitch for 2 points.

    Sammie wins her Int Jr Champions Title with 2 Best Of Breed Puppy and 2 Group 1 Puppy and 1 BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at the International Dog Shows in Orlando


  • Int Baby Ch Chambrays Stroke Of Genius Frida earns her UCI International Baby Champions title with 1 Best of Breed Puppy and 1 Group 1 Puppy

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