2007 Prospective



2007 Show Season Prospective With A Look Back At 2006


The 2006 Show Season is behind us and once again another stellar year, full of achievements, accolades and important accomplishments has passed. Records were set and some old records were broken,  titles were added at both ends of our dog’s names, and most importantly health and genetic clearances came through with major thumb's up. Our top dogs proved their salt in the ring and the younger ones were nipping at their heels for the wins as Chambray Labradors celebrates its 36th year and the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed concluded its 6th year of growth and successes.


Chambray Labradors and the many fine folk that comprise the Partners Program, working in unison as a breed community, now basks in the glow of recognized purpose and overwhelming success. Like a large puzzle, all the existing pieces are falling into place and new ones are appearing on the scene to ensure the continued growth, as word spreads of our commitment to excellence with Labradors. All the different aspects of the Partners Program are now integrated and each is contributing to the unique project and we can assuredly expect bigger and better things for 2007 and beyond.


1.      Partners Breeding Program comprises those litters that were from bred, co-bred, leased and co-leased bitches or from outside bitch puppies and all placed and managed through the Puppy Placement Program. The goal here is to evaluate and select the absolute best show prospects and then place those with people that truly appreciate our commitment to the breed and will continue as partners with our goals and mission for the betterment of the breed.

2.      Partners Development & Placement Program. These are puppies and dogs that are either kept or brought into the program as top-notch show prospects. They are then trained, conditioned and developed for show. The goal here is to develop them to their potential and then place them with someone that wants a sure bet in show quality, already trained and ready for competition.

3.      Partners Stud Dog Management Program is made up of all the male dogs that are offered for stud and their service are managed by the program. Because of the tremendous demands for conformational quality and genetic clearances, all dogs that are accepted into this part of our endeavor must have a superior conformational rating with wins and titles from competition and also must have passed certain clearances such as DNA Optigen and OFA Hips and Elbows to further the breed through their contributions.

4.      Show Management Program is offered for all the dogs handled by us at the dog shows. These dogs must meet our high standards for conformational congruency, performance training, competitive conditioning and then we supply top-notch handling to bring success at the dog shows, see the following article, The 4 Elements To Success Showing Dogs


All four of the above programs are at full operations as evident by the outstanding showing of those puppies born into it and also all those dogs accepted into the program from outside kennels. Success is measured in validated results and the results speak volumes for the endeavor. See the success stories below:

Since I receive so many inquiries throughout the year about each of our dogs in competition and also those that are used in our breeding program, I have provided the following dog by dog account and what programs they came from and participate in and also their accumulative successes and plans for 2007.


  • Our newest champion tops the list for success in 2006, Am/Int Chambrays Out Of The Ruff CGC finished his AKC champion’s title on December 2006 entirely from the Bred By Exhibitor class, giving him an automatic invitation to the 2008 & 2009 Eukanuba National Invitation Championships.  He dominated the Winners Dog wins in 2006 and easily finished his title at 28 months of age. “Hogan” is a 2nd generation Partners Program success story. His sire is Am/Int Ch Carmay’s Ruff Around The Edges CGC, (aka. Mr. Boo), was brought into the Partners Development & Management Program from Carmay Labradors at the age of 23 months and within 4 months, under our management, development and handling won his Int. & AKC champion’s title. Arrangements were made with Mr Boo’s breeder to feature him in the Partners Stud Dog Program and several litters were produced and placed through the Partners Puppy Placement Program. Hogan was such a placement, as he was one of the top show prospects from a Partners Leased Bitch For Breeding Program litter. Hogan’s eventual owners Rosie & Bill Feeley were chosen because of their possible interest in showing and possible contributions as new Partners Program associates. The rest is now in our history books, as Hogan and his owners have fulfilled our expectations and more.  Hogan has passed all his genetic and physical clearances including the Optigen test for PRA with an A-1 normal Clear, OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal and now will begin to contribute to the successes of Chambray Labradors and the Partners Program through his active participation in the Partners Stud Dog Program. He recently was bred to Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chance N Counter CGC and we anxiously  await their puppies in February 2007. His show career will continue as he will be “specialed” as a champion beginning in March of 2007.

  • Am/Int Ch Danjacs Steppin Out At Carmay CGC (Duchess) was our first show champion for 2006, finishing her title on September 30th 2006, making her the 5th outside champion finished by our management program. Duchess was brought into the Development & Placement Program at 9 months of age from Carmay Labradors. Through our training and conditioning programs she was made ready for placement to Coach Bobby Harris and his wife Renee, giving them their 2nd Labrador in the Partners Program, their other dog is Int Ch Chambrays Southern Pride Beau (AKC-pointed). Together with the Coach, Duchess is managed and campaigned, given priority at the dogs shows and all the efforts pay off with her winning both her American AKC and UCI International titles, plus the Coach trained her in obedience and she graduated at the top of her obedience class and easily earned her CGC title. Having passed all her genetic clearances, Duchess now 3 ½ years old will contribute to the Betterment of the Breed with the next generation of puppies. She will be bred to one of our boys in the Stud Dog Program, Int Ch WinQuest Chambray MoTown Luiggi. This breeding puts together several components and owners of the Partners Program master plan, the Partners Breeding with the Partners Development/Placement and the Partners Stud Dog all working together for the Betterment of the Breed.

  • Int Ch Carmays Duststorm At Chambray CGC (Dusty) is another dog that was brought into the Development & Placement Programs from an outside kennel. He was acquired from Carmay Labradors at 7 months of age and was developed and eventually placed with Tanya Brillembourg to participate in the Partners Program through our Show Management Program. Today Dusty is at the top of the scoreboard as our leader in AKC points towards his AKC champion’s title with 10 points and 1 major and 2 Best Of Breeds. We totally expect Dusty to achieve his title in the first part of the 2007 dog show season. Meanwhile, Dusty (Optigen A-1 Normal Clear & hips, elbows Prelim) has become one of our best producers through the Stud Dog Program with several litters and a couple of his puppies have already shown, with Int Jr Ch Chambrays Greenhead Stanley (owned by Partner, Curtis Carlson) and Int Jr Ch Chambrays Greenhead Sunny Exposure (owned by Partner Tony Nobregas) making their show 2006 debuts as puppies at both the International shows and also the AKC shows. We look forward to Dusty to continue his winning ways in 2007 and also to contribute greatly to the next generation of puppies.

  • Int Ch WinQuest Storm Major CGC (Jason) came from one of our Partner’s litters (Geraldo De Souza of WinQuest Labradors) from a world class breeding between his bitch Am/Int Surry’s Obscured By Clouds (Bella) and Ch Windfall’s Pipe Major, an all-world producer. Although Jason was not a co-bred project with WinQuest because of contractual restrictions placed by Bella’s breeder, he was kept and placed into the Partners Development and Placement Program until he was ready for placement with an eventual new partner. Ulises Reyes was a previous owner of a Chambray dog back 8 years ago and now he wanted to be part of our show program. Jason was made available to him and placed into the Management Program for show. Jason would come on strong in the summer of 2006 and win 5 AKC points and also his UCI Int. champion’s title and also his CGC title. It was at this time that Jason, Dusty and Hogan were going back and forth winning the majority of Winners Dog awards so with Jason’s owner's consent, he was put up for the remaining 5 month’s of the 2006 show season to allow Hogan & Dusty the opportunity to gather the points needed for them to finish their AKC champion’s title quest. With Hogan now finished, Jason will return to the Open Yellow Dog class in 2007 to continue on where he left off in June of 2006. He will also undergo all his clearances now in January and hopefully contribute as a member of the Stud Dog Program with many of the Girls Of Chambray.

  • Int Ch WinQuest Chambray Some Like It Hot CGC 3-AKC points (Sammie) came into the Puppy Placement Program from a litter by partner Geraldo De Sousa of WinQuest Labradors. The sire of the litter was Ch Lobuff’s Bobwhite At Chucklebrook and the dam was Am/Int Ch Surry’s Obscured By Clouds (Bella). This litter was Bella’s last contractual obligation with Surry Labradors, however all the puppies from that litter (with the exception of 1 that went to Surry Labradors, the co-breeder at the time) were placed through the Puppy Placement Program as a service for WinQuest. Sammie was placed with a new prospective partner, Jessie Peeples and offered all the amenities/mentorship that come with a Chambray & Partners puppy and today Sammie is part of our show lineup and is AKC champion-pointed through our Show Management Program. Sammie has been teamed-trained with Jessie Peeples as she has spent several working sessions at Camp Chambray, with the combined efforts resulting in great show wins and also her CGC title. She will ultimately contribute to the Partners Breeding Program in the future as she has already passed all her genetic and health clearances. Sammie will be featured from the Am Bred class the first part of 2007 and eventually will move up to the Open Yellow class as she develops a little more. Watch for Sammie's contributions to the Betterment of the Breed in the Partners Breeding Program in the next couple of years.



  • Int Ch Chambrays Diamond In The Ruff CGC 2-AKC points (Beach Boy) was placed with Partners Wanda Simmons and Courtney Keller as a top show prospect and comes from the same litter as Hogan up above. He has been featured from the American Bred class and comes on strong at the end of 2006 with a Winners Dog at the Saturday Miami Dog Show and follows that with a Reserve Winners Dog the next day. Watch for Beach Boy in the Am Bred class in the spring of 2007 as we expect him to be one of our top contributors in the winner’s circle! In preparations for his eventual contributions as a future Stud Dog, Beach Boy has undergone most of his genetic clearances and has already passed his hips, OFA Good and elbows OFA Normal.



  • Int Ch Chambrays Summer Arrogance 3-AKC points is from the same litter as Hogan and Beach Boy and was kept at Chambray as a Development & Placement Dog, this part of our program takes a top-notch show prospect and are kept and trained, conditioned and even shown and eventually placed with someone that appreciates the efforts that go into the development of such a dog and is also interested in participating in the Partners Program with that dog. Summer is AKC champion pointed with having won 3 Winners Bitch awards. Summer will share the spotlight with Frida in the Bred-By Exhibitor class in 2007 and after passing her clearances will become part of the breeding program.

  • Int Ch Chambrays Greenhead Caramela is a co-bred project with Greenhead Labradors from top chocolate stud dog BISS Ch Grandquest Family Ties. Her mother Chucklebrook Brown Molly had been purchased by Greenhead to place into the Partners Program as a co-owned show project. Although Molly did not have the attitude for show, her awesome conformation placed her as a top brood bitch for the Breeding Program. She was bred twice to Ty and recent was bred to Liberty’s Broad Ridge. Caro was the top show prospect of her litter and was kept at Chambray as a co-owned project with the co-breeder. As she was being developed an opportunity came up for her placement with new Partners Program associate and with Greenhead’s approval was placed with Maki Nieto-Menendez. Since her placement with Maki, Caro has blossomed into her expected potential with 2 Winners Bitch, an Int Ch’s title, her CGC, also a TDI title and a SARA service title. Caro exemplifies the co-operations within the Partners Program at its best, with several of our programs working together for the Betterment of the Breed in mind. Watch for Caro and Jessie Herzon in the Open Chocolate class in March of 2007.

  • Int Ch Chambrays Stroke Of Genius (Frida) was a co-bred litter with Am/Nat Ch Chambrays Twist Of Fate’s (Karley) owner. Frida becomes the 5th generation Partners Program Co-Breeding, dating back to her great-great-grandmother, Ch Chambrays Indian Summer co-owned and co-bred with her owner Casey McGown, who in turn produced Chambrays Summers Rebel Amber co-owned and co-bred with the Senra family, who in turn produced Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chisholm Chancey co-owned and co-bred with Martha Chisholm who produced Frida’s mother Karley. Through participation in the Partners Program all of those outstanding individual dogs contributed to the next generation of success for our kennel. Frida will continue to show from the Bred-By Exhibitors class, alternating with Summer Arrogance throughout the year. Frida’s sire is the winningest Labrador in the history of the breed, BIS BISS Ch Aquarius Centercourt Delight and combined with one of our winningest bitches of all time, Karley we expect stellar achievements for Frida this coming year.



  • Int BIS Ch WinQuest Chambray MoTown Luiggi is from a Partners co-bred litter with WinQuest Labradors from top producer BISS Ch Ghoststones Louie Downtown and was kept in the Development & Placement Program at Chambray. Eventually he was placed with the Peeples family as their second dog in the Partners Program (Sammie is also at the Peeple’s farm). In 2006 Luiggi was shown on a limited basis. Although he did win a Best In Show at the May International shows. For 2007, he will be featured from the Bred-By Exhibitor class at selected shows. Luiggi also figures greatly in the next generation of puppies produced as a contributor in the Stud Dog Program as he has now passed all his clearances including the crucial DNA Optigen test for PRA with an A-1 normal Clear. Watch for this most impressive black boy to win out his AKC champion’s title from the prestigious breeder’s class. Also, keep and eye on a breeding to our newest girl champion, Am/Int Ch Danjacs Steppin Out At Carmay CGC. This breeding puts together an outside Development/Placement (Duchess) with a Bred-By/Development/Placement (Luiggi) both huge success stories!



  • Int Ch WinQuest Chambray Onyx CGC comes from the same litter as Luiggi and was placed as a top show prospect and co-owned with van Dalen Labradors. She was shown in limited AKC shows and even won a Reserve Winners Bitch, she also won her Int champion’s title and also her CGC title. She will now contribute to the Partners Program with a co-bred litter to Int Ch Carmays Duststorm At Chambray CGC and all the puppies will be placed through the Puppy Placement Program.

  • Int Ch WinQuest Chambray Donna Gia comes from the same litter as Onyx above and was placed as a top show prospect with Partner Adrienne Berarducci. Gia has shown tremendous potential from the Am-bred Class this past year with multiple Reserve Winners Bitch awards thus far. Watch for Gia at the dog shows in 2007 and her eventual contributions to the Partners Program in the Breeding Program for the future.

  • Int Ch Chambrays Princess Kaetie CGC was from a breeding between 2 Acquired Dog For Breeding, Am/Int Ch Carmays Ruff Around The Edges CGC (Mr. Boo) and MarMoyes All Dolled Up (Nola). She was placed as a top show prospects with Partners Becky & Jim Karousatos. In very limited showing she has won AKC points and her International and CGC titles. Since we were featuring another of our girls, Duchess from the Open Yellow class in 2006 now watch for Kaeti in the tough Open Yellow class for 2007 and also her future contributions to the breeding program in the future. Watch for a breeding to one of our top boys from the Stud Dog Program.


  • Int Ch WinQuest Chambray Chief Stroup CGC – was from a co-bred litter between Chambray & WinQuest Labradors from Am/Int Ch Surry’s Obscured By Clouds (Bella) as by this litter, Bella had met all her contractual requirements to the breeder (Surry) and now is part of the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed with all consequent litters from this point forward being fully co-bred and managed by the program. Chief sire was Ch Lobuff’s Bobwhite At Chucklebrook’s 2nd  litter to Bella, however this time Bella was part of the Breeding Program being co-bred with Chambray Labradors. Note, that her previous 2 litters while not in the co-bred program have all been given all the amenities and services as provided by all puppies placed from the program. Chief’s owners and new partners are Ralph and Dee Dee Stroup of Astor, Florida. Through our management and training programs, Chief has spent time at Camp Chambray and together with his owners he has achieved his International and CGC titles. Chief’s show experiences have been limited, but at his last shows at the Orlando cluster in December, he displayed his potential against major dogs brought down from up north by winning his class 2 out of 3 times and also taking a Reserve Winners Dog to a 4-point major win. We expect great things from this future super star in the 12 to 18 class and probable move into the Bred-By Exhibitor class in March of 2007. Upon receiving his clearances, Chief will also be included in the Stud Dog Program.


  • WinQuest Summer Storm (Olivia) was from Bella’s first litter to Ch Windfalls Pipe Major and was kept by Geraldo De Souza and is now co-owned with Chambray Labradors. She has been to very limited shows and has 1 Reserve Winners Bitch to her credit. She is now 2 ½ years old and has passed all her clearances. With more developing and show training we plan on showcasing her from the tough Open Yellow Class in the spring of 2007. Watch for Olivia to contribute greatly to the next generation of puppies through her participation in the Breeding Program after her show career.


There are several youngsters from the breedings of 2006 that we expect to contribute to our successes in 2007.


  • *Int Jr Ch Chambrays Greenhead Stanley and
    *Int Jr Ch Chambrays Greenhead Sunny Exposure both showed great potential from the puppy classes this past season. Both of them were sired by Int Ch Carmays Duststorm At Chambrays CGC and two sisters Sassafras (Sunny) and Rumba (Stanley). Another puppy sired by Dusty competed at the may International shows, *Nat Ch Chambrays Greenhead Golden Niccodemus (Rumba) and we expect to see him again soon.
  • Chambrays Greenhead Cundiamor, a chocolate female show prospect from the 2nd litter between BISS Ch Grandquest Family Ties and Chucklebrook Brown Molly has been kept in the Development and Placement Program and will debut in the show ring in the spring of 2007.


We currently have several other youngsters in the Show Management program in development for show for 2007 that might be out soon at the dog shows.


We are also awaiting the breeding & arrival of several litters from different partners that will contribute greatly to the Partners Program as top show placements with new prospective partners.

  • Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chisholm Sir Lancelot bred to Int Ch Blade N Bays Spice Girl Affair (Sabrina)  is due January 7th 2007. Sabrina was placed with Sarah and Andrea Baker of Ansar Labradors in Connecticut. This litter is a co-bred litter and the puppies will be placed through the Partners Puppy Placement Program to ensure that the top show placements puppies will be featured at the shows.

  • Int Ch Carmays Duststorm At Chambray CGC bred to Int Ch WinQuest Chambray Onyz van Dalen is due 01/27/07. Onyx is owned by Partner, Laura van Dalen. The entire litter will be placed through the Puppy Placement Program.

  • Am/Int Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff CGC will be bred to Nat Ch WinQuest Storm Clouds (Piper) another co-bred litter with Ansar Labradors and all these puppies will be placed through the Puppy Placement Program

Watch for more of our Partners Program breedings for 2007.

  • Including Int Ch Gateways Talk Of The Town (Gabby) with our super-star, Am/Int Ch Chambrays Chisholm Sir Lancelot CGC, putting together two of the most successful foundation dogs together in one breeding, with Gabby's sire being BISS Ch Ghoststones Louie Downtown (Lewis) and Lance's sire coming from Ch Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley (Garry)

more to come.







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