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Beyond Winning Points & Titles


Dog showing is a point-driven compulsion/obsession endeavor!

Dog owners enter their dogs at dog shows to wins points; win enough points results in winning some type of title!

Plain and simple, although I have read at those gossipy Internet forums where some blokes write in that they don’t
care if they win or not, they like Cindy Lauper “Just want to have fun”!

I don’t really buy into that nonsense because I have never, ever met anyone in my 26 years of competing at dog shows,
met one reasonable-minded person that cheered and celebrated when their dog lost! NEVER!

Now about half hour after judging, rational thinking settles in and then you may have some that seem cheerful and go
about their regular routine without letting on their displeasure at not winning, once again!

Now for those whose dogs do win, a euphoric wave of epic proportions overcomes them and all types of hooting and
hollering ensues once the anointed judge for the day cast his enlightened finger in the direction of the lucky dog, their dog.

Oh, I have witnessed some individuals rave and rant, run around stark mad and even keel over with unbridled emotions
when their dogs did win, but never, ever witnessed anyone celebrating their dog losing!

Just as in political elections where there are pollsters querying those about to vote, so to should there be polls asking
dog owners and exhibitors asking “do you want your dog to win” before entering the ring.

I am willing to lay down a substantial wager that 99% of those polled will answer in the affirmative, like in
“Yes, I want my dog to win”.

Of course the oddball bloke that writes in to those mindless chitchat rooms will probably fess up something along
these lines, “As long as it is a fair competition and a worthy dog wins the points, then I don’t mind losing”.

Most admirable those words, any person reciting those words should be commended…………..oooppppssss
I meant committed!

The problem with that statement is that it doesn’t make a difference who wins, if their dog didn’t win, then it
wasn’t “fair” or “that dog wasn’t worthy” or “they have the judge in their pocket” or some other type of hogwash
that will emanate from gaped open mouths usually accompanied with long stares and shaking heads!

Believe it or not, this offering is not about griping, lamenting or lambasting anyone in particular or even any
deserving group of people.

Yes, you read right, nothing to gripe about as all is quiet at the usual confrontational fronts. There hasn’t been any
casting of stones or dispersions, no missives have been hurled at glass walls, no toes hurting from being stepped on,
no cheek to turn with the other one hurting; so what has inspired me to pull my chair up in front of the key board and
peck away and share my inner thoughts with anyone willing to read these usual diatribe/dissertations?

In actuality it has nothing to do with competition, there are no points to win and no titles to be celebrated with the
following, however the following brings me as much joy as taking a 3-point major with my dog from the Bred-By Exhibitor class, as much joy as the crowning of the next Chambray-bred champion (#23 to-be).

It has to do with the following; read and I will explain afterwards.

Dear Sandy

We are so grateful to you for having 'chosen' us to be Honey's new family. She has filled our home,
our hearts, our lives, with more love than we thought we could hold...just like any new baby would.

Our gratitude to your family as well. You and Johanna obviously have the whole 'family + kids + family business + exceptional dogs + partners = friends for life'  thing completely perfected. Your years of hard work is exceeded only by the love that you create and share.

You have no idea how much I did not want a dog...(enter Sandy and his pack) I'm sure you have
some idea how much I love our Honey. It never ceases to surprise me...I am always given the best
things in life when I least want them. The bad news...I keep telling Lauren and David (my other two children...Honey is the third), that we are NOT keeping a puppy...I know I am doomed...don't you dare
tell them!

Linda Gregory


Editors note: Chambrays Affinity Chance (Honey) has the great fortune of living with Linda & Dave and their
daughter Lauren. Honey turns 3 years old now and has been bred to another of our partner’s dog,
WinQuest Chambray Chief Stroup. We currently await news that she is indeed carrying as there are
several already lined up to be the next generation of puppies’ new owners. The entire family is involved with
Honey’s upbringing & training including 8 year old Lauren who is now apprenticing with Jessie Herzon to
become a junior handler.


This is a simple testimonial from a happy and satisfied owner, one of those 98%ers that I harp about all the time.
As in *98% of people who own our dogs over the last 40 years belong in that exclusive club.

*Take notice that there are no fees to join the “club”, no membership forms to fill out…………………………….just
being chosen to own a Chambray-bred dog is the passport that is needed to stand tall and shout the praises that I receive
on a daily basis. Even after 14 to 15 years of owning a dog, even after the dog has passed on, I still receive the memorials
from those loving pet’s owners.

Ask me right now whether I prefer to win points at a dog show or to receive another great testimonial as the one from
Linda and I will without blinking an eye look you straight in the face and own up about hearing of great stories such as
Dave’s,  Lauren and Linda’s with their loving Honey over winning a point with any dog!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love winning, be it at dog shows, playing Scrabble, Boggle, Bowling, Racketball or even
shooting hoops with my son or volleying a volleyball with my daughter Jessie, I am one of those compulsive obsessive competitors that loves to compete and win. In my younger days, it was more reckless sports such as boxing and judo,
but now in my golden years, I prefer laidback activities where I can use my head instead of my brawn. Still I enjoy these inspiring messages which I can savor for much longer than adding another point to a dog’s title search campaign.

However, in all reality I am basking in the after glow of receiving these great memorials and testimonials and also winning
points at the dog shows in such an overwhelming way.

Thank you to Linda and all my other owners that throughout the last 40 years have given my puppies and dogs the absolute
best life and then had the compassion to share their excellent adventures and good fortunes with me.




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