Career Year To Remember
5 Breeder's Trifectas



2008 A Career Year to Remember with
Five Amazing Breeder’s Trifecta


At a dog show winning Winners Dog, Winners Bitch and Best of Breed is a very rare feat to accomplish, so rare that very few exhibitors in a lifetime of showing dogs will ever savor the thrill of taking all the top ribbons for their breed in one show. So the Trifecta is where someone takes Winners Dog, Winners Bitch and Best of Breed by dogs that they own or handle.


The rarest form of the Trifecta is the Breeder’s Trifecta; this is where the male that wins Winners Dog, the female that wins Winners Bitch and the winner of the Best of Breed all were bred by the same person, breeder or kennel. Winning 1 Breeder's Trifecta in a breeder’s show career would be major bragging rights and certainly would go down as a super accomplishment for that breeder.


Chambray Labrador had posted an amazing 25 Breeder's Trifecta since the very first in 1992, that's 25 in 16 years!!!!! So  2008 was sweet indeed as an incredible five Breeder Trifectas added tremendously to the Career Year to Remember theme and of course increasing the state record to 30 Bred By Exhibitor Trifectas.


The first Breeder’s Trifecta of 2008 came at the February Boca Raton Shows. Adding to the rarity of the occasion was that this truly was a family affair as Chambrays Bailey would win the Winners Dog, his litter mate sister; Chambrays Charm would win Winners Bitch and their sire Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff, Hogan would win the triple crown; Best Of Breed.


We didn’t have to wait long for Breeder’s Trifecta #2 for 2008, as that occurred the following day at Boca Raton with Bailey winning back-to-back Winners Dog and his sister also winning back-to-back Winners Bitch and then she would take the Best of Breed to complete the desired hat trick. An astonishing back-to-back family Breeder’s Trifectas!!!!


2008 Trifecta #3 would come a month later at the St Pete Dog Shows March 29th with Bailey once again figuring into the process with a Winners Dog, WinQuest Chambray Gia taking Winners Bitch and Charm coming away with Best of Breed.


The 4th Breeder’s Trifecta for the year was another family affair posted on June 8th at Lakeland Fl. by Chambrays Rocky winning Winners Dog and his sister Charm taking Winners Bitch and Best of Breed to complete the cycle for Chambray bred dogs.


The 2008 December Miami Dog show would provide the venue for another family affair and the 5th Breeder’s Trifecta of the year. Chambrays Bailey would take Winners Dog, his sister Chambrays Cher would win Winners Bitch and their sire, Ch Chambrays Hogan would take Best of Breed.

Yes indeed, 2008 is a Career Year to Remember for many reasons, but the 5 Breeder’s Trifecta will loom large on the horizon for many years to come as a benchmark for other breeders to equal or better.



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