The Chambray Labradors Challenge


It's easier than you think!!!!!!


When buying a car, don’t you wish that you could go to one car dealer and get them to give you the absolute best deal possible IN WRITING!

Then drive down the road to the next car dealer and have them also give you the absolute best deal IN WRITING for the car you are looking for?

Then drive to a third car dealer and also get their best deal IN WRITING!!

Then go home and compare dealer A against what dealer B had to offer and then compare what C was offering you and then you could in the comfort of you very own home, taking as much time as you wanted to decide the following:

  • Where
  • When and with
  • Whom you would like to deal with???????

There would be absolutely NO confusion, NO double talk, NO fine print, NO annoying salesman pressuring you to sign a contract before the manager changes his mind!!!!!!

You call the shots according to what is best for you!!! You deal with whoever offers you the best deal for the ……….












Here are 2 facts to consider

1) We know that car dealers like that DO NOT EXIST, however when searching for a Labrador Retriever puppy

2) a Labrador breeder like that DOES EXIST!!!!!!

Presenting the Chambray Labrador’s Challenge:

If you are searching to add a new member to your family in the form of a Labrador Retriever puppy, go out and have several Labrador breeders give you the absolute best deal possible and get it IN WRITING…………. which would form a legal contract!

If they are offering a Show Quality puppy, get that IN WRITING, in addition have them provide you their Warrantees & Guarantees IN WRITING for that puppy! Same thing for a Pet Quality puppy!

Have them give you testimonials and referrals IN WRITING from at least 10 different clients. Make sure those testimonials and referrals have different last names than the breeders do!

If they claim to be Show Breeders, have them give you a list of their most recent SHOW WINNERS and that list should be IN WRITING. Go to and do a search for those dogs on their data base for those wins! If they really did ever win 1 single point, IT WILL BE THERE!!!!

If they claim to be champion breeders, have them give you IN WRITING a list of the champions they have produced. Very simple to verify, with the full name you can check it at the website. All dogs ever registered with the AKC will be listed and if they were champions, it will be listed there as such.

For health & soundness clearances, have them give you the full names of the sires and dams IN WRITING so that you can go to the and do a search to verify those clearances are indeed valid!!!!

The absolute best part of all of the above is that it is done by you in the comfort of your own home and on your own time without anyone haggling with you, misleading you or simply not telling you the truth!! It is all verifiable, so that if it did happen it will be available for you to verify!!

You read the information provided to you IN WRITING and you compare with what the other breeders are offering. If something is not clear, then you contact them again and ask for clarifications! The seller should go all out to satisfy the buyer if they are interested in making a deal with you. It should be the buyer asking the questions and demanding proof of all statements made………………..IN WRITING!!!!!

Now, that you know better………………isn’t that the way you would like to do business with everything that you would like to purchase?????

Shouldn’t you demand for all of the above since it is your business that those selling any product want? It is your hard earned money that they want to exchange for their products/services. You should have all the answers!!!!

Why would you settle for less when buying a puppy that will live with you for 14 years or more?

Why would you accept what they SAY to you when you could demand to get it IN WRITING?

IN WRITING constitutes a legal contract!

What someone says to you can have a million meanings when it comes time to own up! The old “he said, she said” and around and around we go and where we stop no one knows!

If it is not IN WRITING it doesn’t mean a thing!!!!!!

If it is IN WRITING then they have to back it up…………….so it goes to reason that if a breeder will not put it down in writing, there must be a reason and that reason will not be a good one!!!!

Think about it and it will make sense to you too!!!

When searching for a Labrador Retriever puppy go to all the rest first and get it IN WRITING from all of them, then come to Chambray Labradors and get it IN WRITING from us and then COMPARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the Chambray Labrador’s Challenge!

“An educated consumer is our best client!”

We would rather work with someone that has done all the looking, searching and inquiring of all available breeders that say they produce as good as we do. We would like for you to get it all IN WRITING and then compare to what you get with a Chambray Labradors puppy.

We would like for you to visit us at any dog show in Florida, especially when we are in your home town or nearby. We will give you the time of day after we finish showing our dogs, plus while at the shows you can visit with dozens and dozens of our owners that travel with their dogs to the shows. There is nothing better than that of a testimonial from a live person standing in front of you with the product to share with you.


We would like for you to visit our training classes and meet up with dozens and dozens of satisfied clients working with their Chambray puppy. Once again referrals and testimonials from perfect strangers that you will meet and speak directly to. Word of mouth at its best!


We would like for you to make an appointment and come visit us at our home and kennel……..the same exact place that we have been raising, training and placing Labradors for the last 37 years!!!

When you visit us, bring all the “IN WRITING” information that all the other breeders provided you and we will gladly go over everything with you.

That’s the Chambray Labrador’s Challenge!!!!!!


IN WRITING………..Guaranteed!!!!!!!!!

PS: By the way at Chambray Labradors it already is IN the website for all to see including all the other breeders. Download our

  • Warrantees,

  • Guarantees,

  • Amenities,

  • Health Clearances

  • Training that comes with each puppy,

  • Accreditations,

  • Certifications,

  • Awards,

  • Accolades,

  • Testimonials,

  • Referrals,

If you are serious about owning the very best Labrador Retriever, then we are serious in talking to you and consider you a top placement for one of our puppies!

That's in writing.............guaranteed!!!!!!!!
Download this page, bring it with you when we meet up and I will sign it for you.
Guaranteed in writing!!!!
"It doesn't get any better than this"


By the way, mention to all those other breeders that you will be comparing what they have to offer with what Chambray Labradors has to offer and listen to how fast you
will get a "click" on the other end of the phone or how your emails will
not be answered after that!


In Writing!!!!!!!!!!

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