Comparing Apples to Oranges




I have often wondered about the preceding title and how I would go about doing the comparisons between 2 of my favorite fruits! Of course on an intellectual level I am cognizant of the true meaning of the query.

In reality, there is no way to actually compare apples to oranges, because an apple is what it is and so is an orange, like them as much as I do, there is just no comparing apples to oranges.

That’s a dilemma that I am posed with on an almost daily bases……………….not about fruit comparisons, more like “how do the other Labrador breeders compare to you?” or “how do your dogs compare to other breeder’s dogs?

Now, there should be a quick and easy answer that should suffice for all those that have come to a point of either intrigue or confusion about Chambray Labradors and all the rest of the Labrador breeders in my area, my state and even the rest of the country.

After all, we are talking about the same breed of dog, much like comparing apples to apples!


The answer is “yes” and “not exactly”!

“Yes” it is the same breed of dog………………………Labrador Retrievers.

And “not exactly” it is not the same end product!


That sounds a bit confusing and ambiguous at the same time.


But indulge me a trifle moment and there will be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!

The following are those areas that would be covered by the “yes” answer.

  • Chambray Labradors is a breeder of AKC-registered Top of the Line Labrador Retrievers.
  • Most other aspiring show Labrador Breeders should be using the AKC as their only registry

The “not exactly” part of the comparisons starts now.

Comparison #1

  • Chambray Labradors is a professional Florida corporation.

  • 999% of other breeders are doing this as a fun, weekend hobby thing.

Comparison #2

  • We have 43 years of experience with Labrador Retrievers
  • All of the rest of the Labrador breeders in the state have on average less than 5 years of experience
    with the breed!

Comparison #3

  • We are professional dog trainers, Professional K9 Services & Training Inc.
  • There are no other top Labrador breeders that also function as professional dog trainers.

Comparison #4

  • We operate a nation-wide dog food nutritional entity, LabWell Products Inc.

  • No other top Labrador breeder owns or is professionally versed in nutrition.

Comparison #5

  • Chambray Labradors is the #1 Labrador Champion producer in state history.

  • Who ever is in 2nd place is so far behind that catching up is a very distant dream.

Comparison #6

  • Chambray Labradors is the winningest breeder at Florida dog shows year after year, 19 years now in a row.

  • All the other Florida Labradors breeders added together don’t even come up to half of one year’s worth of winning.

*      Take 2010 for instance, Chambray Labradors dogs won 54 Winners Dog & Winners Bitch awards, ALL the other Florida Labrador breeders COMBINED didn’t even make it to 20 wins!!!!!!!! That’s almost 3 times as many wins as all the other breeders combined!!!!!!!!

*      The 2011 pace is already way ahead of the 2010 record setting show season! “Overwhelming” readily comes to mind!

Comparison #7

  • Chambray Labradors provides WRITTEN IRON-CLAD Warrantees and Guarantees. Chambray Labradors GUARANTEES Top Show Quality
  • Most other breeders shy away from anything written, in fact some won’t even publish their warrantees, guarantees or their lopsided contracts on their websites! Very few of the other breeders have the faith in their own breeding programs to guarantee Show Quality. Most place their dogs “as is”, no guarantee of show quality.

 Comparison #8

  • Chambray Labradors has the only Labrador Owners Community with full support system for the lifetime of the dog.
  • NONE of the other breeders provide the extensive support network available to all owners of a Chambray puppy and dog.

Comparison #9

  • Chambray Labradors has the only program that places puppies on AKC Full Registration to approved clients.
  • Not likely with the few “good breeders” around. They still practice the old, time-honored method of breeding and keeping the best for themselves…“Keep the best and sell the rest”!

Comparison #10

  • Chambray Labradors is producing at the top of the charts with each new year’s generation born, by breeding the best from each litter to the best, each generation produces in turn…………….the very best!
  • Bottom line in Florida, there are only 2 or 3 other show breeders breeding at a level close to Chambray Labradors………….close but no banana as evident by the show records in Florida and surrounding states.

Ok, let’s take each of the comparisons a bit more in-depth and what each may mean to anyone searching for a top quality Labrador Retriever.

Comparison #1 Professional versus Amateur ~ this is simple and clear cut, where do people like to take their business to? Would you rather deal with an amateur, hobby tile person or have the best professionals do their best work with your marble floors? Do you go to a hobby hair cutter or do you take your business to a well-known professional hair stylist? There are thousands of people dabbling in breeding dogs! 1000’s of “results’ come up with a Google search for “Labrador Retriever breeders” just in Florida alone! There is only 1 professional establishment and that’s Chambray Labradors Inc. All of the Labrador “breeders” in Florida will take money for their puppies (like they "sell" their puppies), which makes them a commercial entity (no matter how any one of them refutes that status!), however very few are actually operating a legal business.

So, that brings us back to the old "pro vs. amateur"..........................where do you take your business too?

Comparison #2 Long-Rooted Establishment vs. Johnny Come Lately ~ again, another no-brainer for those looking for a business with a deep rooted foundation in the community. The Herzons have been associated with Labrador Retrievers since 1970……….that’s 41 years with just 1 breed of dog! That makes Chambray Labradors the long-established leader with this breed. The average span of time for most of the other breeders in the state is less than 5 years, with some of the newer people now in the breed having bred their 1st litters recently!!!!! Not much experience coming from some of these neophyte fanciers, not much to go on with that shorten resume.

Again we are presented with a long lasting entity or the "here today, gone tomorrow types" as I have seen 100's come and go in the 41 years I have been raising my Labradors. They start out with a flash, seemingly setting the world on  fire and then dwindle down and disappear without a whimper.

Comparison #3 Professional Dog Trainers in addition to being the Top Breeders ~ Most Labrador breeders are NOT professional dog trainers! In fact, there are no other top Florida Labrador breeders that are also professional dog trainers! NONE! Dogs and training go hand in hand! A dog that has no training will become a problem in a human world! Each and every Chambray puppy placed comes with FREE PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING. No other breeder is qualified to make that offer; in fact no other breeder will make that offer! There is a reason for that…..because none are qualified as professional dog trainers.

This is kind of a no-brainer comparison........................Free training for the lifetime of the dog or no training available at all......hmmmm not much to think about here!

Comparison #4 LabWell Products Inc. is owned & operated by the Herzon family ~ Besides providing the absolute best in show quality Labradors and professional dog training with each puppy bred and placed, we are also professional nutritional and supplement business owners. We provide each and every one of our clients our 4-decade plus expertise in nutrition.

It is always nice to be able to have an expert take a look at your dog and give you advice for FREE!

Comparison #5 The #1 Champion Producer of Labrador Retrievers & the #1 Grand Champion Producer of Labrador Retrievers in Florida ~ The definition of a “breeder” is a person that has actually bred a dog………the definition of a “champion show breeder” is someone that has actually bred a dog and that dog excelled enough at AKC shows to have earned it’s AKC championship. There are many Labrador enthusiasts that have bought dogs from other breeders and have spent time, energy and money in having put championships on those dogs.

*      So has Chambray Labradors…………….in fact that has happened 12 times since 1992! 12 dogs whose championships were “made up” by Chambray as the owner of those dogs. That makes us the “owners” of those 12 champion dogs!

*      What makes Chambray the #1 Champion producer of Labrador Retrievers is that since that same time frame (1992 to 2011) there have been 27 AKC Chambray-bred CHAMPIONS! That means that we actually BRED those 27 champions, making Chambray that breeder of champions. No other breeder in Florida can boast anything close to those numbers!

*      What makes Chambray Labradors the #1 producer of AKC Grand Champions is that since the inception of the AKC Grand Championship in May of 2010; we have twice as many Grand Champions already than any other Florida breeder (to May of 2011). Our top stud dog alone has produced 3 AKC Grand Champions!


So, do you deal with the best source or do you settle for 2nd, 3rd or 4th best or worst yet, some un-proven entity that may not be around in a couple of years? Since the majority of other quality breeders keep the best and sell the rest, do you settle for their second or third picks when they themselves are not winning with their own 1st picks!

Comparison #6 Winning at the AKC, UKC & IABCA Dog Shows ~ Show breeders compare their produce in head-to-head competitions at sanctioned shows sponsored by registries such as the AKC, UKC and IABCA. In Florida, Chambray Labradors sets the bar at all of these registries as the uncontested leader by far and wide! It would take the winning from all the rest of the pack to add up to less than half of the winning posted in 1 year of shows! That’s as simply put as can be done………………………..At AKC shows all the show breeders in Florida last year (2010) won 20 times at the dog shows compared to 54 wins posted by Chambray Labradors. This comparison reminds me of the apple and oranges comparison! There are just no comparisons here at all. The winnings for 2009 were 27 wins by Chambray to 17 by all the other breeders. The rate for 2011 is way ahead of the pace for 2010!!!!!!

At UKC shows, it is probably more like 75% of the winnings and at the IABCA shows it is close to 95%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s 95% of the winnings for Chambray vs. 5% for all the other show breeders! Does apples to oranges come to mind again?

The best product with the best service always comes out on top no matter where it is, year after year!

Comparison #7 Warrantees & Guarantees ~ Chambray Labradors provides all of our warrantees and guarantees published for all to see and to make a hard copy on our website at  …………..that’s plain and simple in plain sight for the world wide web to see and to use as a guide for their own policies! In addition………we have what we believe to be the only Show Quality Guarantee of its kind in the world! In print on our website with a signed copy provided to anyone interested in one of our show puppies!!!!!! There are breeders that state right on their website that they do not provide written guarantees until the puppy is paid for!!!!!! Isn’t that “an after the fact” sort of thing? Shouldn’t the prospective buyer have all that information before hand to study and to compare with other offerings from the competition?

At Chambray Labradors that’s exactly what we want every person to do before contacting us. We want to deal with the most educated consumer possible. We want each person to come to us with as much information from all the other breeders and then we will provide written Iron-Clad Warrantees and Guarantees for each person to compare to.

We even go over any other breeder’s contract, warrantees and guarantees point by point in order to aid the prospective new owners make the right decision.

Written warrantees & guarantees become a "legal contract" in the state of Florida, anything else becomes "he said, she said" when it comes to own up when something goes wrong....................if they will answer your calls or reply to your emails!

Comparison # 8 The Chambray Labrador Owners Community vs. the “You're On Your Own” system of doing business with other breeders ~ There is a clear cut choice here…………………….Chambray Labradors provides

*      the one-of-a-kind Labrador Owners Community of Lifetime Support,

*      Free Lifetime Training for Show Dogs, both class and private 1-on-1 sessions,

*      Limited Free Training for Pet Dogs,

*      Discounted Professional At-Kennel & In-Kennel Training Services,

*      Micro-Chip w/Lost & Found Notification Network,

*      Lifetime Re-Home & Relocation for all Chambray dogs,

*      Service & Therapy Training, Evaluations and Certification Process,

*      Free CGC Training & Testing

*      Lifetime Nutrition & Conditioning Support

*      Top Professional Handling Management

*      Stud Dog Service Management for dogs

*      Breeding, Whelping & Raising Management for female dogs.

None of the above exists with any other breeder on a professional basis….plain and simple………….the old apples and oranges comparisons all over again! You purchase a puppy from most of these sources and "see you later alligator" becomes the operating Chambray Labradors we want to hear from you and we want you to take advantage of all that comes with your Chambray puppy!

THEM~"See you later alligator!"
CHAMBRAY~"Ya'll come back now!"

Comparison # 9 Chambray “Breeds for the Best & Places the Best”, where as other breeders practice the old “Keep the Best and Sell the Rest”! ~ It doesn’t get any simpler or clearer as the preceding statement. At Chambray Labradors, if a show puppy is placed with a client, it is the best and that puppy will come with all of the preceding comparisons advantages! That puppy will never compete against a puppy kept by us, because we take our best produce and place it with owners that want the best!

Not so with all the other breeders…………….they Keep the Best and then Sell the Rest, which means that sooner or later the ones they kept, the best ones from the litter will be out at the dog shows competing against what they sold to their clients! Doesn’t that sound like a no win situation, major conflict of interest? It sure does sound like that to me! I would love to hear their explanation of how this works! What can you possibly say to someone that would be acceptable and make sense?

Sort of like they sell you second best then they compete against your dog with their best…….gee I wonder who will come out on top with that arrangement? But hey, PT Barnum once said that “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

Simple as a dimple on a dapple! You want the best and you want to be as successful as the hundreds that are part of the Chambray Labradors Owners Community or do you start out with a 2nd best that someone that is not successful is offering?

Comparison #10 Chambray Labradors Breeding Only The Best To The Best Generation After Generation vs. Other Breeders Breeding Whatever is in the Kennel or is owned at the time ~ At Chambray Labradors the best puppy from each litter are placed with owners that will be part of the training, conditioning, showing and then the breeding program. Those awesome puppies will grow up and be considered for the breeding program to produce the next generation of superb quality puppies, who in turn will be part of the exact same process to produce the next generation and so on and on and on. This program gives Chambray Labradors a tremendous advantage in choosing from hundreds of dogs to breed from. Keep in mind that only between 10 and 12 litters are produced yearly by the more than 100 owners, breeders and exhibitors that are part of Chambray Labradors Owners Community.

Other breeders do not have such an extensive program available to them! They only breed the dogs they have on hand, which may or may not be the best quality to choose from. The same dogs producing year after year until they are too old to breed to, not so with Chambray Labradors, as each new generation is considered as the next breeding generations as soon as they are 2 to 3 years years old and have been health and genetically cleared. Some dogs may only produce 1 litter and then their offspring are ready to be considered for the perpetuation
of the next generation.

A major win-win situation of successive breeding improvement one generation after another!

Now armed with all the preceding information, the question posed of “how Chambray compares with the other breeders” can be answered with solid, verifiable and researchable information. A conclusion can be readily made from the comparisons provided, leaving no doubt about the differences and the choices that those with discerning minds may have.

The old apples to oranges comparisons as applied to Labrador Retrievers and the breeders that breed them.


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