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Chambray Labradors Owner’s Primer 201

·       No Limitations Knowing That You Have The Best!

·       From 6 Months to 2 Years of Age!

Chapter 3

You have now had your Chambray puppy for 6 months and have taken full advantage of all the free amenities that come with your puppy. At least that’s how the whole program is set up for those new owners that purchase their puppy from Chambray Labradors. Each owner must make the time to take advantage of all that comes with their puppy. They must make the time to attend the evening training classes, starting with the Thursday night Puppy Primer & Socialization Class and they must schedule their private one-on-one training sessions to take care of any individual problems that may come up in their environment.


All of the following have occurred since taking your new Chambray puppy home with you at 8 weeks of age;

  • You attended each and every night of the Thursday Night 12-Week Puppy Socialization & Training Sessions specially formatted for the age development of your puppy.

  • You have scheduled and attended numerous sessions of the Free Unlimited Private One-On-One Sessions by appointment with the trainers from Chambray.

  • At 5 months of age, you were encouraged to join the 8-Week Wednesday Night CGC & Obedience Training Classes and were administered the AKC’s CGC test for free as part of the curriculum for the class

  • All your inquiries about behavior, nutrition and health have been answered through the Lifetime Support System, using the primary media of email, in case of emergency phone and or scheduling of visitation to Chambray Acres

  • Everywhere you have gone, people have gone totally bonkers over the quality of your puppy.


With a Chambray Show Quality puppy, there are no limitations for the activities that you can participate in, so you naturally want to further your puppy’s potential and capabilities in all areas of involvement.


Besides all the great offerings made by Chambray Labradors, there are area dog clubs that sponsor the following

  • conformation classes for show,

  • obedience classes for becoming contributing members of society and also for obedience competition,

  • agility and rally classes for fun and for competition

  • hunt and retrieve clubs and instructor available for furthering the natural instinct of your new puppy.


Other Activities: More than likely your puppy will be on the Chambray invitation list for the semi-annual IABCA International Shows held in Orlando come May and again in October. Some puppies are fast developers and can be competitive early on and will be invited by the Herzons as baby puppies, while others will receive the invitation 6 months or a year later as they become more show competitive with age. We want to maximize your investment at all venues, so we will counsel you as that what is best for your individual puppy. Of course it is 100% up to each owner to do what they feel is of benefit with their dog.


For those that would like to pursue showing the dog, Chambray Labradors offers excellence in handling at the dog shows, but first we offer the absolute best in show training and conditioning and it is tailor-made for each dog. Strategies are formed for the best possible presentation to the judges. Conditioning regimens are devised to bring out the very best in each dog and then when it all comes together, we advice the owners to enter their dogs at the most competitive venue of all, the AKC shows!


There we go head to head with the top professionals in the business and our record speaks for itself…………………the winningest Labrador breeder in the state of Florida, year after year with the most Winners Dogs, the most Winners Bitch, the most champions ever and now the most grand champions in Florida.


There are those that get involved in Obedience Competition and we are there for those owners and dogs as well. Our special 8-Week CGC & Basic Obedience Training Course also includes training and eventual testing for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Those dogs that pass the 10 item test will earn the CGC title to be added to the end of the dog’s name.


The CGC test is a prelude to doing therapy work as most of the testing organizations require that the dogs have gone through basic obedience training plus the AKC’s CGC training and testing. After the dog is a year old, several of the therapy dog groups will administer the evaluations that will certify the dogs for actual visitations to hospitals, clinics, medical facilities and geriatric units, also for working with children in schools and libraries.


Since Chambray Labradors is foremost a “show breeder”, most of the puppies placed as such takes advantage of all the show oriented amenities that come with our puppies and thus, the large majority end up at the AKC, UKC and IABCA dog shows.


The owners of our puppies have a choice as to whether they take their puppies/dogs as independents to the shows and either handle the dogs themselves or hire out to professional dog handlers that ply their trade handling dogs or whether they enter into the Labrador Owners Show Management Program offered by Chambray Labradors and the Herzon family and let us manage and handle all the work at the dog shows. This includes the training and conditioning sessions, strategies for the correct class placement for competition and the best handling team for each of our handling assignments at the shows.


The sky is the limit with a Chambray Show Quality puppy and it all depends on how much each new owner wants to participate in and get involved with.


Along the way to the 2 year mark, there are health and genetic clearances that need to be done to further the dog’s value in other areas, mainly to become part of the perpetuation of the breed, the breeding program.


This topic will be covered more in the 3rd installment, from “2  Years On”.



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