Chambrays Amos with help from Phil Eslinger



Dear Sandy,

You used to just call me "Good Boy" but these people you gave to me keep calling me "Amos".  I just wanted to let you know that I made it to my new home with no problems.  The humans are really funny, though.  There's the Fat Guy with Glasses... who I'll just call Fat Guy... and the Pretty Lady who only wants to talk baby talk to me.   I don't know what the big deal is?  Fat Guy and Pretty Lady keep talking about how much I keep surprising them.  I can't figure out what the big deal is; after all, I am a Chambray Labrador!

Within about 15 minutes of me jumping in their car, I began to feel a little bad and started whining.  Fat Guy said, "Don't worry about it.  He's just having a little separation anxiety."  Fat Guy thinks he knows it all.  I whined a little louder and when they didn't pull over, I decided to show them. I barfed up all my breakfast!  To Fat Guy's credit, he didn't get the least bit upset, even though he had to scrape it all out from under the back seat.   All he said when he looked at it was, "Sandy's right.  He ate a FULL two cups of food for breakfast!"   I was impressed with his attitude.  Maybe, I'll keep him after all.

I didn't feel like I had to train them the rest of the trip from Miami to Orlando, so I didn't whine, didn't bark, and didn't make even the slightest little fuss.  Why my humans were so amazed at this, I have no idea.  Then again, they are amazed by all of the simplest things.  What's so hard about walking on a leash?  I managed to do it my very first time ... without fighting it... so what.  They're even amazed that I fetch things and brings them back at only 9 weeks of age.  What's so amazing about that?  IT'S WHAT LABRADORS DO!!   I didn't even make a sound the first night I spent with them.  Of course neither the Fat Guy or the Pretty Lady got much sleep because they were waiting for me to act up.  They just don't know who they're dealing with here!  I am Chambray's Famous Amos!  

Apparently the thing that amazed them the most was the way I behaved on the airplane.  Fat Guy was really worried.  He didn't want to give me the medicine that you gave him!  He went out and bought Benadryl to give me.  But, I showed him!  Even in that stoopid carrier that was two sizes too small, I was so well behaved that he decided not to "dose me".  I don't like taking medicine anyway.   I decided to reward Fat Guy by being the best behaved puppy that Delta Air Lines has ever seen.  I slept the entire way and never made a peep.  Fat Guy and Pretty Lady were so impressed that they let me out of that awful, cramped carrier and let me stretch out under the seat.  I was so quiet, no one else even knew that there was a puppy there, much less that I was out of my carrier.  Apparently what's even more impressive was that I was able to hold off going to the bathroom for the entire eight hours we were on the plane and in the airport.   You should have seen how funny Fat Guy looked running through the airport trying to get me to a patch of grass outside before I exploded.  He had me in the carrier over his shoulder with my head poked out so that I could see where we were going... it's really the ONLY way to travel!   As he was shuffling through the airport with that strange limp of his, every body was exclaiming, "Oh, WHAT A CUTE PUPPY!!!", trying to get him to stop so that they could worship me.  But Fat Guy was having NONE of it!  Apparently, he REALLY needed to get out to the grass.  After we got out there, I held it for another 20 minutes just to show him who's in charge, then I really let go.   Fat Guy was impressed again!  He's so easy impressed!

I'm already settling into my new "digs" out here in Utah and apparently I keep surprising my humans.  Pretty Lady bet that it would take me two weeks to learn how to go up the stairs.  Fat Guy bet that it would only be one week.   I did it on the first day!
I still have a lot of training to do with my humans.  They have spent a lot of money on expensive toys from the pet store. I've been trying to train them that this is not necessary.  I train them by completely ignoring their expensive toys and concentrating on what I love best...........water bottles.  I heard Fat Guy say something to Pretty Lady like, "Honey, we're gonna have to drink a lot of bottled water."   Wait until he sees all of the new decorating I have in mind for my new house!

Sandy, I miss you and my litter mates at Chambray, but this will be OK, too.  These poor humans are really in need of some training and I'm just the one to do it!  I think I may like it out here.  It's not nearly as hot as it was there in Miami.  Do you know how backward these humans are?  They don't even have air conditioning!   Also, they tell me that there is something coming this week that I'll LOVE... something called "SNOW".

I hope you'll be OK without me.  I have to stay here.  These poor humans, Fat Guy and Pretty Lady, really need my training.







Here I am in Utah, on the grass that Fat Guy needed to find so badly!

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