Chambrays Amos with help from Phil Eslinger

An Update With Snow



Dear Sandy,

Since you mentioned me on your web site, I thought I'd give you an update.   I've been gone six weeks from Florida now, not quite 1/3 of my entire life.  I turned 4 months old on Monday.  Since I have been gone from Chambray, I have doubled my weight.  The fat guy, Phil, took me to the Vet the other day and I weighed 33 pounds,  not bad, given that I weighed 16 lbs when you gave them to me.  Phil calls me "Yella Fella, Budda Belly".  Yeah, like he's got room to talk.  I finish Puppy Kindergarten Class next week.   I already knew all of the things that they teach in that class the very first time I went so now it's just a playtime for me.   Phil says that next I have to start taking lessons for confirmation and obedience... piece of cake.  Does he actually think that I'm going to obey?   Really?!

Phil says that I'm the most expensive dog he's ever owned.  He actually went out and traded his car in on something called an SUV so that I can ride around in comfort in the back.  He said that my new car cost him a lot of money.  I wish he hadn't done it.   I'd rather ride up in the front with him anyway and see him spend the money on treats for me..

Sandy, why didn't you tell me about this stuff called SNOW.  I love snow. Why didn't you tell me about snow when I was there at Chambray?   I like to chase snowballs and stick my head under the snow like a plow.   It must be what Labrador heaven is made of.  I heard someone who was watching me play in the snow ask Phil, "Do ALL Labradors go this crazy in the snow?"   Phil told him that every one he'd ever seen did.

You will have to come out and visit me in Utah and we can play in the snow together!

Chambray's Famous Amos





Here I am in Utah, now on snow!!!!!

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