Chambrays Amos with help from Phil Eslinger

'I am now a show champion!"




Hi Sandy it's me again, Amos, your lost wayward child who moved 2000 miles away from Chambray Acres in sunny Florida to the snowy Rocky Mountains.   I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to come back to Florida on vacation.  When I found out that Fat Guy was planning to come back to Florida for a boat show or something, I insisted that he bring me with him.  

It's been four months since I left you guys at Chambray and a whole lot has happened in just a short period of time.  Ok, I guess it's not so short from my perspective: I'm six months old now and I've been gone from Chambray for 2/3 of my life.   I started puppy classes when I was just ten weeks old.  I went through Puppy Class and then Beginning Obedience and now I'm almost finished with Intermediate Obedience.  I'm the youngest dog in my class by at least three months and yet the best of the group.  I've also been growing.  When Fat Guy and Jean brought me home in October, I weighed less than 18 lbs.  Now I weigh almost 70 lbs.   Fat Guy keeps yelling "Don't FEED him any more!"

I really had fun back at Chambray, although I missed being able to play "yellow snow plow" back in the mountains.   You kept telling me that I was going through something called "Puppy Boot Camp".  In reality, it was just a chance to play with your own little puppy, Jessie, each day.  What she was making me do was a piece of cake after all the classes I've been through in Utah.  Then at the end of the week, you took me with most of the Herzon pack and a lot of Chambray dogs up to Orlando so that we could "show off". 


Fat Guy and Jean met us up there so that they could watch Jessie and me perform in the show.  And, boy, did Jessie and I "show off"!  I must say that I did spectacular, although Jessie needs a little work!   Every time I won another medal, Fat Guy would be jumping up and down on the sideline and yelling.   Poor guy; he needs some obedience training.   By the end of the show, I had amassed 12 medals, two ribbons, and Fat Guy started calling me "Champ".  I guess Fat Guy knew what he was doing when he named me Famous Amos.  Fat Guy says that every Chambray owner should show their dogs.  He said it was both fun and gratifying.   I really don't get him: Jessie and I did all the work!

I'm am now back in Utah and I miss you and Jessie and all of my friends down at Chambray.   I've managed to cram a lot into my short little life... Oh and I really didn't mean 'little'.  I'm only six months old and I've flown 8000 miles already.  I've been through 3 classes and "Chambray puppy boot camp".  I've gone to my very first show and won my first title.  Fat guy is already looking for more shows out here in the mountains.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for having me.  Right now, I gotta go outside and stick my head in the snow again and find some chunks of ice to gnaw on!  Jean calls me "Ice Pup".
Winquest Chambray Famous Amos




Here I am in Utah, now on snow!!!!!

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