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The Triple Threat feedback 08/01/2011


The Triple Threat Feedback & Responses


Once again a surprising number of responses to what I thought initially was a benign subject of creating an edge by (1) having the best possible conformation dogs to start with, (2) taking those dogs and training and conditioning them to perform to their absolute best and (3) then to putting it all together in the ring with top-notch handling!


Thus the Triple Threat:

1.    Best Conformation possible

2.    Training & Conditioning

3.    Stellar Handling


I actually thought that most people had accepted the premise on their own without anyone having to write an expose on the subject.

Hey, it sounded like a sure-fire recipe for success and it actually is as sweet and tasty as I make it sound! I know, because every day I bask in the after glow of that success with those dogs that we have bred, trained/conditioned and ultimately that we handle in the ring. The scope of that success has broaden with many other dogs that we have bred and are being trained/conditioned and handled by other professionals besides the Herzon family. Not only are we seeing Chambray-line dogs here in Florida being handled by other top handlers and winning, we are experiencing the same success rates in other venues outside of our state.

The latest installment of the Triple Threat Part II brought about more feedback and questions on how to acquire top show prospects from top breeders. It seems that out of the three elements needed for success in the show ring, the biggest obstacle is provided by the top breeders not placing their best produce with people wanting to be competitive at the dog shows!

85% of the e-mails I received from these 2 articles had to do with the fact that many show puppy searchers are thwarted in their search by road blocks and dead ends created by show breeders for many reasons, including the following in this order:

1.    Keeping the best and selling the rest

2.    Placing puppies on Limited Registration (can not be shown nor bred)

3.    Exuberant pricing ranging from $4000 to $5000 for a supposedly show prospect

4.    Deal breaking demands such as whole litters back or unlimited stud service on males.

5.    Impossible to work with contracts,

6.    In-appropriate personal information requests

7.    Rude, Wacky personalities

So even before we can get to the other 2 elements of the Triple Threat, hundreds if not thousands of show puppy prospect buyers are being dealt a severe blow in their search for top show quality puppies by those that could help them in their quest for the placement of a top show quality puppy.

Having been into Labradors for 41 years, almost 30 of those years at the dog show level, I have heard every excuse possible as to why top show breeders follow these diehard ways. Many claim to be “saving” the breed by only placing puppies on Limited Registration.

Their figuring is that this method will stop more people from getting into breeding for the pet market. What they don’t fathom is that these same people will just go down the road to some back yard breeder and purchase their future breeding dogs from that source.

Some small minded and elitist types go even further and claim that they don’t want beginners benefiting from “their” lines, of course forgetting that they probably benefited from someone else’s lines when they got their break into the breed.

Anyways, here are some of the representative emails that I have received lately as a result of the 2 Triple Threat articles.


Email. I have contacted several top named kennels in Labradors hoping to adopt a show type puppy. To say I was treated rudely is an understatement. One breeder told me that there were way too many people breeding dogs and that she only sold her puppies with Limited Registration and a No-Breed Contract.


Email. I recently contacted a show breeder and the woman wanted $4000 for a puppy she had left from a “world class litter”. I didn’t have choice, this one was left and that was that! Another known breeder wanted $2500 and a litter back to her when she requested it. Those prices seem to be way out of line.


Email. The breeder I just spoke with requires a co-ownership of the dog where she makes all the decisions about training, showing and when to breed, yet I would be paying for all of those costs! So, how is someone interested in showing get started when no one at the top is willing to give someone new a break?


Email. This is my 3rd puppy from a different show breeder. The 1st one that I purchased was supposedly the pick of its litter. Later I found out that 2 other people had also gotten the “pick puppy” from that same litter. Needless to say that the only puppy from that litter that had any success at the dog shows was the one that the breeder kept for herself. The one that I was sold and the other 2 puppies from that litter were never winners.

The 2nd show puppy that I purchased came from another breeder in a neighboring state. What I didn’t know about her was that she is a back yard puppy producer and yet she bred her dogs to top sires. Her advertising was slick, but the puppy washed out even before it was a year old.


Email. Most of the breeders that I have contacted don’t seem to have the time of day for someone asking questions. They become irate when asked for written guarantees or when asked to provide further information on their dogs.


Email. Several of the breeders I have talked to feel the need to trash other breeders. Their approach is so negative that it left me with a very bad taste about getting into showing.


Email. A couple of the show breeders that I talked to seem to have a loose screw to put it politely! They were extremely demanding and very rude when asked questions. They resented the fact that I had contacted other breeders for information!


The above were representations of over 100 emails received after the first two installments of the Triple Threat were published to the website. From almost every state the feedback and queries came about how difficult it is to find a top show breeder that will mentor those searching for a beginning at the dog show level.

Although 85% of the emails pertained to obtaining a top notch puppy, a smaller percentage did ask on how to go about training and conditioning their dogs and a few asked about how to hire a top professional handler to present their dogs.

Some breeders are willing to mentor their new owners about the behind the scenes tricks of the trade used to get puppies ready for hands on training. From my personal point of view each of those breeders should go all out to make sure that the puppies that they have placed have the greatest chances of becoming successful at the dog shows. That is why I offer unlimited free training for all show puppies placed, both private sessions and in class training environment.

There are hundreds of dog clubs, both all-breeds and individual breed clubs. Most offer training classes of some sort. This becomes a great way to meet other people with dogs and ask about other training facilities.

Attend as many dog shows as possible and watch the professional handlers work their magic with the dogs that they handle. Approach as many of them as possible when they are not in the ring with their handling assignments. Inquire from them if they hold classes in the area or if they know who offers training classes.

While at the dog show inquire from the club sponsoring the event about their training classes or if they know of local trainers to recommend to you.

Now, armed with a better conformation type dog and with proper training, most new comers to the show ring will also realize that it takes great handling skills to be able to compete against those people that are constantly in the winners circle.

The 3 elements to be successful in the show ring, great dogs, great training/conditioning, great handling…………………………..the perfect recipe for a savory main course meal!

This is exactly what Chambray Labradors and the Labrador Owners Program has been serving up to hundreds of interested show fanciers for over a decade since the program’s inception. This innovative reach out program has grown by leaps and bounds, spreading beyond the borders of the state to include well over 20 other states.

The success rate within Florida is now unprecedented with a winning record going on 41 straight AKC dog show weekends, totally unheard of anywhere in the country by any breeder. In addition, wins have been posted by Chambray-bred dogs in states including NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, MS, TX, AK, KS, MI, GA, NC, SC, AL, VA, RI, LA, and several others as well.

Producing top notch conformation quality dogs and then placing those dogs with people that appreciate what it takes to produce at that level, standing 100% behind those puppies with unparalleled warrantees, amenities, training packages and support system is the first step in achieving the Winning Edge, the Triple Threat at the dog shows

This gives those new owners the opportunity to take these great show prospects into the winners circle with the other two elements needed for success, great training/conditioning together with great handling to achieve the ultimate of winning consistently. 

More email feedback: This is the kind that makes me go further with other areas and subjects that affect Labrador Retrievers!

Email. Loud and clear, concise and to the point, succinct with very little wasted words, once again Mr. Herzon you have hit a grand slam homerun with a much needed topic of discussion within the community of Labrador breeders and exhibitors!


Email. At times I sit and wait for your next offering, although I also cringe at how it will be accepted by those waiting to take the opposing side of what you have to say! Of course the biggest and most glaring difference is that we all know who you are and all of those that denounce your views are all “annony-mouses”!


Email. Like you say in some of your other writings, “Tell it like it is!” Bravo for you to stand up and bring these much needed areas of discussion to light!


Email. Your previous educational renderings on structure were right on point and gave me a perspective that I had not learned in my first 5 years of showing and breeding. This most recent topic on the Triple Threat explains so much of what’s happening in the show ring that most don’t even think about!


Email. Touché Herzon, touché!  


Keep the emails and phone calls coming, it keeps the embers glowing bright for future topics concerning the Labrador Retriever. As long as the areas of discussion are positive and constructive for the betterment of the breed, then it will be open season for me to dwell on and bring it up for your consideration.



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