Why You Need To Count Your Points



Why You Should Count Your Points

By Sandy Herzon


This article appeared in the MARK, South Florida Labrador Retrieverís newsletter.


At the recent July, Tampa Dog Shows, Jessica Herzon was handling her dog Connie in the Yellow Open Class. Connie had 12 points and 1 major to her credit, or so we thought!

It was Saturdayís show and the duo would win their class and compete for Winners Bitch. As luck would have it, the show was a 3-point major and the judge would award Jessie and Connie the Winners Bitch award. Needless to say, the Herzon family and those around us would celebrate a new champion, or so we thought.


Or so we thought, because I had not checked and verified the actual points according to the AKC! It seems that at a previous dog show, the month before, Connie had been awarded Winners Bitch for one point AND BEST OF WINNERS for what we thought was 2 points. We received the ribbon for BEST OF WINNERS and counted to make sure that the male indeed had picked up the 2 points and sure enough that was the way it was, or so we thought.


My mistake was not verifying the judgeís score sheet and that he had not marked Connie as the BEST OF WINNERS.


It would not be until August when I contacted the AKC to inquire about the championship certificate, that I was told that she needed 1 more point to finish her title!

I questioned the points and they had the records that indicated that Connie had not been marked as BEST OF WINNERS back at the June show, so she only had been awarded 1 point instead of the 2 that we thought. Even though we had the ribbon, it made no difference, the AKC goes by the score sheet that the judges mark.


In the future, I will verify any points that any of our dogs win, by checking the tare sheet that is posted at the superintendentís table after judging. If there is a mistake, you may bring it to the attention of the superintendent and they will consult with the steward and the judge and can then rectify the mistake if indeed one exists. All these before the end of judging for the day, at which time the books are closed and sealed and ready to send to the AKC. The AKC offers a running total of all show dogs at their site. It is a free service once you create a memberís account with them and that is free also. The AKC has their site at www.akc.org and the Points Progression service may be found at their Online Store section. You either enter the dogís correct name or AKC number and its points will be displayed. The points posted are about 6 weeks behind reality.


This stories ends well, as Jessie and Connie would team up again on the weekend of the SFLRC specialty in September and win a 5-point major to go above the required 1 point they needed for their well-earned title. In fact, the Herzonís and our extended Labrador family got to celebrate a second time around, but you better believe me when I say that I will be counting and verifying every little point that any of our dogs are awarded in the future!



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