Chambray Labradors Disclaimer Page



Chambray Labradors Disclaimer Page





Since the conception and inception of in
1997 and in 2004 into the cyber world,
I have done my very best to present the absolute most positive
foot forward from my 40 year's of experiences with Labradors.
I have listened to those with far more gray matter than mine,
I have consented when their collective wisdom seemed to make some
sort of sense, even though I may not have totally agreed with it. 

"A contact page is essential"  the webmaster gurus harped at me when Chambray Labradors first made its appearance on the Internet,
so a contact page it was.

When the "experts" advised me to put up a Testimonials Page,
I followed their wisdom even though I personally did not feel that
I needed others to speak for me, however in retrospect that page has
been a heaven sent as it has afforded all those that have somehow
benefited from their association with Chambray an opportunity to
share their experiences with others.


When a highly unstable individual proceeded to misuse
photo trademark rules to cause problems for the website, upon
advice from "legal experts" I proceeded to obtain "releases" from all
those who have submitted photos for the website and also to keep
all records of submissions for the website.


Now, more of these "higher intelligent" individuals have counseled
me to include a Disclaimer Page!
So a disclaimer page it is!
So here go the disclaimers ala 2008!


*Number 1 and foremost:
Never believe anything you hear, see or read!

Not from me or from anyone else! Research, inquire, take notes and
absorb it all and then come to some type of conclusion on your own
based on all the information that you have amassed on the subject!
Then take 100% responsibility for any actions or decisions you
make based on what you just heard, saw or read!!!!!!!
This is how I was raised and how I live my life.
I take total responsibility for all of my actions!
So when perusing this website, don't take my word for anything
you read here, research the matter and come to your own
adult conclusions.
When you hear someone griping
and bad mouthing, don't take their word for it,
do the math and come up with an answer that fits the numbers!


**Number 2:**
Not all show dogs will become champions!!
In fact there are statistics that are very reliable that will guide you here.
In most breeds, only 1 in 5 dogs that start showing will finish!
That means that 4 out of 5 dogs will fall by the wayside and not
become a champion! In Labradors, I personally believe that the odds
are even worse to finish a dog. There are way too many variables
to fully explain why dogs do not finish, so the next time that the
"writing bug" swooshes down on me, I will expand on this premise.
The important thing to consider is
that not all dogs will become a champion.


***Number 3***
Not all dogs will pass all their clearances!

No one, absolutely no one, like in NADA, ZILCH, nobody can guarantee
you that ALL their puppies/dogs will pass their hips, elbows, eyes,
heart, thyroid and whatever test is new that I am not privy to.

The only*** test that is 100% reliable at the moment that can predict
exactly how their young will come out is the Optigen DNA PRA Test.
If both parents are CLEAR, than all the puppies from those 2 parents
will come out CLEAR and free of blindness!!!!!!!!
*** As of 2010, we now have a reliable DNA test for
Exercised Induced Collapse (EIC).
We will be testing each and every dog in our program**

I am making the DNA testing of all the dogs that participate in our
breeding program mandatory. By knowing the DNA genetic makeup
of our dogs, we can then guarantee 100% that their young will not go
blind from PRA &

Hip/elbow X-rays and certification on the parents does not guarantee
100% that the young will not develop the disease!!!!!!!!
It is the best that we have at the moment, BUT it is not 100%.
Maybe 90%...............................which means that out of 100 puppies
born to parents with OFA Certification, somewhere around 10 (TEN),
will not pass certification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To make researching easier for you, there are statistics that back the preceding at the OFA website.

It is no one's fault that this 10% is born like this, it is nature!
Back in the 1970's it was like 40%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW, I have replacement guarantees in place, that cover some of
these situations. Notice that I don't claim nor do I guarantee that it
won't happen, NO ONE CAN!!!!!!
If any puppy I place becomes one of these statistics and I am provided
proof positive of said condition, I will offer a replacement!



****Number 4****
Partners Program


I do not "sell" puppies!

I "place" puppies in approved homes.

I reserve the right to place the puppies that I breed and raise with whomever I wish. Since I don't offer puppies "for sale", I can place them
for whatever considerations I wish, with whom ever I see that fits the
bill. This gives each of my puppies the absolute best chances of having a great life with their new owners.

I also reserve the right to include anyone and exclude anyone from
our Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed.
This is not a "club" open to the public, but rather a group of people
with mutual interest that include the betterment of the breed and the willingness to work together for those goals. Of course it goes without saying, but I will say it just in case, that it is imperative that we
establish a great working relationship in order for the partnership to

If that doesn't happen, then we go our merry ways,
as simple as a dimple on a dapple!


****Number 5****
Professional vs. Hobbyist

At Chambray Labradors we are professionals with everything we do
with our dogs. We are professional business owners, professional dog trainers, professional dog handlers and professionals at raising dogs!
All of our entities are incorporated in the state of Florida.

LabWell Products Inc.
Chambray Dog Training Inc.
Professional Canine Services Inc.
Chambray Labradors Inc.

We are very proud of our profession.

There are thousands of backyard, weekend hobbyist out there
breeding dogs, thousands of them! Do a search on the Internet and you
will get more than you can look up in a day of web surfing.

There are huge differences in the offerings between all of these
individuals. Research, do your homework, ask questions and get
satisfying answers, visit in person with these individuals,
obtain guarantees in writing.

When purchasing a product or considering a valued service 
 you go to the best sources, you go to professional establishments, you certainly would not go to a hobbyist, flea market, junk yard or garage sale!

 When considering a family pet that will be with you for
14 years or more you also want to deal with the best,
you want someone that is a professional!

Ultimately the quality of what you get is directly
related to the people you are dealing with.


August 10th 2010
Website Search Engine

"Add a website search engine" the webmaster
gurus have been harping at me for about a year.

So, I have heeded the conventional wisdom once again and we
now have a website search engine.




I am sure that the brainiacs will come up with more disclaimers,
so stay tuned if you like these sort of things!  


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