Great Expectations For The

2007 Show Season





Great Expectations For The  2007 Show Season 


The Miami Dog show in December is usually the last show of the year for most of our dogs, so most dogs will have had 3 months off from the weekend after weekend grind of traveling to points north of our very southern locale.


Spring comes a week early in Florida as far as dog shows are concerned, for traditionally the West Palm Beach Dog shows on the second weekend of March marks the start of the New Year’s dog show season.


Great Expectations fill the air with the start of each new show season for Chambray Labradors and all those that participate in the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed. The veteran dogs and their owners are chomping at the bit to once again enter the ring and add to their credits as some of these dogs lack but just a win or two for that pot at the end of the rainbow gold, the highly coveted AKC champion’s title.


Last year’s youngsters are now full-fledged adults and they too will be in the mix for winner’s points. Some of them are already champion-pointed, having won towards the end of the year, which gives hope that they will continue their winning ways with the New Year’s commencement. Other dogs came on strong with the waning months of 2006 and their future is as bright as those with more wins and points.


The anticipation for the start of the new show season is heightened by the debut of new puppies from the 2006 litters. This new wave of future show dogs guarantees the continuity of the kennel’s influence in the breed ring for years to come. As in year's past, there will be several from this new wave of puppies that will be the super stars of the future.


The stable of dogs looks very impressive, with the males clearly bringing more this year to the table than the females. Int Ch Chambrays Duststorm At Chambray was the 2nd winningest male dog for 2006 by adding 9 points to his credits (2nd only to new champion Am/Int Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff). Dusty will be 3 year’s old in April and has filled in to his full adult expectations. He will showcase from the very tough Open Yellow Class.


Making the Open Yellow Class even more challenging for other breeders and exhibitors will be our 2nd dog in that class, Int Ch WinQuest Storm Major, a.k.a. Jason. Jason was on a hot winning streak at the beginning of the 2006 summer for winner’s points. For about a 2 months period last year, it was a 3-way horse race for the wins out of the Florida shows, with all 3 of those dogs being part of our program. Jason, Hogan and Dusty were taking turns at Winners Dog, so that a decision was made to put Jason up until either Dusty or Hogan had finished their title. That decision paid off as it paved the way for Hogan to add to his points and finish out by the Miami Dog Shows in December. Dusty would also add to his totals by winning 7 more points after Jason was put up for the year. With Hogan now finished, Jason will commence his mission for the rest of his wins for his AKC champion’s title come the West Palm Beach shows.


Dusty and Jason give us two very strong candidates for the wins out of the very tough Open Yellow class so that Int Ch Chambrays Diamond In The Ruff (Beach Boy) will continue to showcase from the Am Bred class so as to not go head to head with Dusty and Jason. Beach Boy really came on strong at the end of the year with a super Winners Dog for 2 points at Saturday’s Miami Dog show in December and followed that up with a Reserve Winners Dog award at Sundays show. We expect Beach boy to dominate the wins from the Am Bred class and be a contender for the Winners Dog points.


The Bred-By Exhibitor class is reserved for the actual breeder of the dog, plus that person must also be listed as an owner to be able to compete from this class. Not only is it major breeder’s bragging rights when winning this class with one of your own dogs, in addition any dog that finishes his AKC champion’s title wholly from this class receives an automatic invitation to the following 2 year’s worth of the Eukanuba National Championships. This past year Hogan was to achieve this very prestigious accolade, receiving all his Winners Dog points from the Bred-By class, leaving the spot open for another one of our dogs to vie for the wins from this class.


Int BIS Ch WinQuest Chambray MoTown Luiggi has been chosen to succeed Hogan as the dog to showcase the Bred-By Exhibitor class. At Luiggi’s first weekend of competition from the Bred-By Exhibitor class this past January 27th and 28th, he was awarded 1st place both days from the class, winning Best bred By Exhibitor Labrador from Saturday’s show and Reserve Winners Dog at Sunday’s show. Great start for the rising star.


Although there are more than 5 young males to showcase the 12 to 18 class, several have been put into the backburner for further development with one male rising to the top of this group. Int Jr Ch WinQuest Chambray Chief Stroup CGC is from the breeding of Bella and Ch Lobuff’s Bobwhite at Chucklebrook will be our headliner here. At the last shows of 2006 in Orlando, Chief would strut his stuff and win his class 2 out of 3 days of showing against tough northern-handled competition. He would also be awarded his first Reserve Winners Dog one of the days to a 4-point major win.


Between Dusty, Jason, Beach Boy, Luiggi and Chief, we seriously expect to be in the Winners Point ribbons almost every weekend as these 5 boys present a formidable lineup worthy of being anyone else’s single top dog, let alone have 5 males that can win the points on any given day.


The lineup for the girls is much longer in numbers, but not necessary in depth as the males is, as the age of this group of girls is much younger than the male's average age.


Int Ch WinQuest Chambray Some Like It Hot (Sammie) will be joined by Int Ch Chambrays Summer Arrogance from the very competitive Open Yellow class. Both girls have won 2 Winners Bitch for 3 points and should be able to hold their own against the more mature older females shown in this class.


Int Jr Ch Chambrays Greenhead Caramela who won back to back Winners Bitch points at the December Miami shows, will headline the Open Chocolate class. Caro will be 18 months old at the start of the spring show season and we feel that she will be in the mix for Winners point at most shows.


The Open Black class will feature Int Ch Gateways Talk Of The Town (Gabby) in selected shows as she has been through major conditioning and training through the winter.


Int Ch Chambrays Stroke Of Genius (Frida) will switch from the Bred By Class to the Am Bred class starting in March. She has 1 Winners Bitch win for 2 points. This very sprite driven bitch will be very competitive from this class and should win points from here.


Chambrays Show Me The Money (Dahlia) will become my newest Bred By Exhibitor bitch starting in the West Palm Beach shows. This super typey girl with lots of character will certainly draw the attention of many judges and although only a 10 month old puppy in March, she should rake in some wins in spite of her age.


The 12 to 18 class will feature Chambray Greenhead Cundiamor, our 2nd chocolate bitch from BISS Ch Grandquest Family Ties bred to our Chucklebrook Brown Molly. She is Caramela’s full sister, but 6 months younger. Watch for this very impressive and really good moving bitch to draw the judge’s attention and eventually garner some Winners Bitch points.


There are several other males and females in the Development For Show and eventual Placement Program that will also debut sometime in the 2007 Show Season.


The West Palm Beach dog shows will also see our newest champion, Am/Int Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff CGC go head to head with all the other “specials” being campaigned for Best Of Breed wins in hopes of reaching the Top 25 in the country to receive and invitation to the very prestigious Eukanuba National Championships. Hogan already has an invitation to the 2007 and 2008 Eukanuba by virtual of finishing his title all from the Bred By Exhibitor class.



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