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How To Present A Winner

How To Present A Winner follows the previous article, How A Winner Is Made which brings to light
those outstanding qualities that are sought after in a successful breeding program.

The proper presentation of an exhibit showcases those outstanding qualities that were bred into an individual.
The two go hand in hand in achieving that winning record that all aspire to have.
Great looking dogs that are made to standout with the absolute best presentation.

The following photos illustrate the preceding:

The series below shows the proper sequence for a Judge's examination.

  •  #1 The Setup between the posts (dog's front legs and rear legs) creates a perfect outline for the judge to see a side stack, usually the judge is looking at the side view of the dog first before coming in for the exam..

  • #2 A prefect "10" Frontal Setup as the judge stands out in front of the dog and handler.

  • #3 Head and face expression as the judge nears using Focus Mode

  • #4 Perfect timing release with judge right in front of dog

  • #5 Proper position as judge examines head.

As the beer commercial states, "It doesn't get any better than this'!

Jessica Herzon works her magic with Chambrays And The Beat Goes On (Cher), handling her from
the prestigious Bred By Exhibitor Class. This is at the Weirsdale Fl. Dog Shows on Nov 07, 2010.
They team to a Winners Bitch for 2 points for a total of 13 points and 1 major.


This series shows combination "free style" and "hand's on" handling.

  • #1 This is a 3-Point Stance.

  • #2 Perfect timing with Judge on a Toe-To-Toe Stance

  • #3 Another perfect timing for the Judge

  • #4 Side By Side with Focusing

the first 2 photos are with Cher and the 3rd and 4th are with Chambrays Sunny Daze as
he wins Winners Dog on the following day in Weirsdale with Jessie handling.
Cher is a 6th generation Chambray-bred dog.
Sunny is a 3rd generation Chambray-bred outcross dog.


Both Sunny & Cher are owned by Labrador Owners Community partners
Mary and Bob Jakeway of Tarpon Springs Fl.

Mary seen below on left, with partners Debra Richmond of Vero Beach who owns Chambrays Stella
and Chambrays Codi and Jen Hupert of Jacksonville Fl who owns Chambrays Cash


Chambray Labradors & the Labrador Owners Community working together
Raising the Bar One Generation at a Time for the Betterment of the Breed.

"It really doesn't get any better than this!"



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