Below is an open "letter" to all who have responded to the above article
and to every other
offering provided by the Herzons, Chambrays Labradors,
LabWell Products & the Labrador Owners Community

Just The Facts Ma’am



I have been reading through the emails in response to the “2010, Whoa Nellie” wrap-up article above about the
2010 now-ended show season; of course the majority of those writing in are offering their heart-felt congratulations,
others were inquiring as to how they too can join in with our one-of-a-kind owner’s program…..needless to say I am very appreciative for all of these well-wishers and for those that have taken the time to research what we have to offer and have come to the conclusion based on hard facts on what we have to offer and would like to take the next step in joining the Labradors Owners Community themselves.

It still amazes me how many people throughout the world have been following our dog’s and owner’s adventures through the website!

·       Over 300,000 visitors to the website this past year,

·       from 6 continents (none from Antarctica),

·       from 97 different countries, including several that I didn’t know existed and I had to use Google to find on the map,

·       from every single American state, all 50 of them, and from several American territories as well

·       Over 100 different cities from Florida………………with the “most return per visitor” average of all other locations.


All the preceding numbers are indeed mind boggling as are the emails that come in on a daily basis from all of those locales far and wide……………….now add the orders, advise seeking and general correspondence that comes in at the website and combined we reach well over 750,000 people over a year’s time!

That’s ¾ of a million people assessing our combined offerings on a yearly basis!



Since I answer thousands of emails asking for “help”, others needing routine-type guidance and others searching for expert answers not to be found in the busy body chit chat forums, I receive multitudes of return emails expressing their gratitude for the one-on-one attention paid to their requests.


What amazes me the most is the amount of acknowledgement that comes in from people that seemingly benefit from the many articles that I write and publish to the website! As a writer, you never ever know who or how many people actually read the postings, no way to know if anyone takes the time to go over the essays and articles that are offered as a form of education from the 40 year’s worth of trials and tribulations, experiences and expertise accumulated over such an expanse period of time!


But the “kudos”, “thank you’s” and other forms of acknowledgements, they too come in after each and every article posted to the website and the best thing that those people with feedback have to say is “we want more”!


Feedback like that to a writer is like throwing gasoline on a fire!!!!! It is what motivates someone with a penchant for sharing ideas and thoughts to go even further! It creates a will and a want so strong that even when there is little time for anything else, sitting in front of a computer keyboard becomes a form of relaxation; sharing ideas for the good then takes precedent over the daily problems that come up and there is a general “balanced status quo” that is achieved when “good” is perceived with the sharing!


Although hundred’s of thousands of people communicate with us offering their affirmation of gratitude for our providing assistance to the world-wide Labrador community, it is those within our ever-growing Labrador Owners Community that provide the biggest impetus for the continuation of providing the Support System that is in place for each and every owner, partner, associate, co-owner, co-breeder and exhibitor that partakes in our mentorship program!


Their loyalty and continued support keeps the embers glowing bright, giving greater credence to the very extensive program that is truly dedicated to the betterment of the breed. The desire to do more takes center stage and becomes the driving force for even a better product to be delivered, a system to provide even better service, the building of an additional physical training area to reach even more dog owners, the setting aside of more time to create more articles, essays, and short stories to reach an even greater numbers of owners not just in Florida or the 50 USA states, but to the world-wide Labrador Owners Community!



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