Kiree's Story
by Kiree Herzon


Hi my name is Kiree. I am letting my breeder, Sandy write this little story because so many people from all over the world have been inquiring about me.

I was born on March 15th from Am/Int Ch Carmays Ruff Around The Edges and my mother, Mar-Moyes All Dolled Up. Besides me, there were 2 other girls and one boy. From the very beginning, Sandy said that I was very spirited; actually the term he used was Moderate Family Pack, High Prey Drive with High Dominance. Sandy always uses terms like that, he’s big into dog training and he says that it is important to identify each puppy’s personality type in order to match him or her up with the correct new owner.

Even though I was the smallest of the four puppies, I really enjoyed knocking the other 3 around. I didn’t really want to hurt them; they just needed to know that I was their leader. After a few weeks they would follow me around everywhere we went. Sometimes Sandy would take us for long walks back in the woods, and I would go off and explore some of the side trails. Of course I kept an eye on Sandy, but still I enjoyed being somewhat independent.

Both of my parents come from show lines and I was bred for show potential, so we were evaluated for our conformational qualities. My 2 sisters must have received higher ratings then I did, because each was placed before I was as show projects.

This other Labrador breeder, Andy Gonzalez of Greenhead Labradors, came when we were only 1 week old and pointed out my biggest sister as the one he wanted. He even named her right then and there. He said, “Yes, that’s Merengue!” Even though she was much bigger than I was, she didn’t ever challenge me, I guess she knew better! When Merengue was 8 weeks old, Mr. Gonzalez came by and picked her up and took her over to his farm. I haven’t seen her since, but maybe one day we will meet up again.

My brother was the next to go to a new home, as a real nice lady and her daughter drove all the way from Orlando to see us. Their names were Sarah and Diana and they ended up falling in love with “Max”. I heard them say that his official name would be Chambrays Take It To The Max. I guess that’s appropriate because there were many times that I took him to the max!

My breeder, Sandy interviewed some real nice folk for me to be placed with, but he decided that some of those new homes would not work out so good for me, so I waited a few more weeks.

One day this real nice family came over to see me, their names were Karousatos; I think that’s Greek or something. After being here a while, I could tell Sandy was trying to convince them that my sister Rory would work out better for them. Rory is very easy going and a real follower, I know because she would follow me everywhere. Rory was evaluated as “show potential” and even though they were not into the “shows”, they ended up taking her because Sandy said her temperament was better suited for them.

Needless to say, I was very sad that day, because I thought that maybe I had found a new home. Sandy must have sensed that I was depressed, because he played extra with me that day.

The last of my siblings has now been gone for 2 weeks and I have been all alone. Every day Sandy tells me that hundreds of people have seen my pictures on the Chambray Website and that they inquire about my “availability for placement”, yep that’s Sandy’s words for a “new home”.

Sandy says there was a real nice lady in New York that has another Chambray dog that was interested in adopting me.

There was also the gentleman who owns a big yacht that came by to see me. Wow, I was impressed when he offered Sandy “twice” as much for me.

There was the fellow in Spain that would arrange for one of his jets to fly over here to Miami and pick me up.

All of a sudden I was not feeling as bad that Sandy was being so picky on where I went to live. He even said, that if the “right environment was not available” (Sandy and his big words!) that I would stay right here at the farm with him.

Sandy explained to me that all these people that were interested would make great homes for most puppies, but because of my independent nature, my free spirit, my domineering personality and my need to be in charge, that sometimes that creates problems for the new owners.

Since Sandy is like my father and you know what they say “Father Knows Best”, well I know that he has my best interest in mind.

So I want to thank the hundreds of people that have been asking about me and to those that expressed in interest in adopting me. Sandy also has your best interest in mind and he knows which puppy will make you happy.

As for me, I now have a new home. I will be living the life down in the Keys. Karen Dettman who does wildlife rescue in the Florida Keys and has tremendous experience with all sorts of animals has decided to let me run the place down there. Karen is real devoted to animals and also owns another Chambray dog named Ruckus and comes up to Miami every so often to have Sandy train Ruckus, who is now 6 months old. Karen is in for a treat, because as soon as she takes me home, I will start training this Ruckus guy!

By the way, Sandy has been calling me Chambrays Free Spirit and Karen says that she will keep the name. Thanks again to all those that were interested in me!


UPDATE: 07/14/04

Hi to all that have kept up with my story. Yes, this is Kiree.

I am now 4 months old and have been living down in the Keys for a month now with Karen Dettman, her daughter Lisa and of course WinQuest-Chambray Ruckus. He's a 7-month old black male from the Sabrina and Mason litter. Besides my immediate family of Karen, Lisa and Ruckus there are dozens of Possums, Raccoons, Night Hawks and a menagerie of other critters that roam my little world on Key Largo.

You  see, Karen is the Wildlife Refuge Headmaster around these parts. Since she does this job so well and all these other animals are so thankful for her endless hours of work saving all these wild critters, I have also decided to let Karen be my headmaster. Of course my breeder, Sandy helps Karen each week with me. Every Wednesday, come rain or shine, we trek up to Chambray Acres in Miami for our 1 hour session with Sandy. We also bring Ruckus with us, since we have him in the Show Training Program. He is real good with this training stuff, since he follows along and likes to do things over and over again.

On the other hand, I like new stuff! Once I do something once, well that's it for me. What's the sense in doing it again if you do it right the first time. I don't like this "leash stuff", hey I wasn't born with a leash around my neck, so what's up with pulling me around all over the place. I like it better with no leash, so that I can go where ever I want to. If you ask me nicely, I might come with you, but this leash stuff is not really my idea of fun.

Of course, since Karen is taking such good care of me and since all the critters just worship her, I guess I will play this game for a while.

Well, got to run now, I need to go boss the Key West Raccoons around a bit. By the way, did you know that Key West Raccoons are blonds? Does that make them dumber?

Bye for now.

Kiree " As free as the wind blows!"


UPDATE: November 2006


Hi Folks, it's me Kiree.

As you can tell from the date of the update, I am now all grown up! Yep, here I am now an adult and still going with the flow of whatever wind blows.

I know how this human-dog stuff works now, so I pretend that I am following their lead, but little do they know that it is me that is still in charge.

Recently my breeder, Sandy Herzon (he's famous by the way, because when my owner, Karen wasn't looking, I did a search on Google for his name and Whoa Nelly, there were endless pages with the stuff he's been doing with dogs) okay, okay, back to the story line here, my breeder calls Karen and tells her that they have this International Show coming to Orlando, for God's sakes isn't Orlando where Mickey Mouse lives, well anyways he tells her about this special 4 shows in 2 days there and that he would love to take me!

Yo, that's me we are talking about here, yes me, the one that didn't get the highest show rating evaluation from my 2 sisters, yea me! I hear that one of my sisters hasn't even been to a show yet, so who's cooking with grease now??

Hey, I got other things to do, so let's cut to the chase, tree that possum and let you know that I came out of the 4 shows with 4 perfect scores, my International Champion's title and a Best Of Breed to boot. Not bad for the castaway, free thinker, Chambrays Free Spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, gotta to go, the raccoons are getting rowdy, the squirrels are getting fidgety and the possums are playing dead and Ruckus he's such a wimp!




Meet my mom and dad and my grandparents below.

  Paternal Grand Sire

Ch Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley


Am/Int. Ch. Carmays Ruff Around The Edges CGC (Mr. Boo)

  Paternal Grand Dam

Dovetails Diamond N The Ruff

  Maternal Grand Sire

BISS Ch Kai Den's Black Tie Affair WC


Mar-Moye All Dolled Up (Nola)

  Maternal Grand Dam

Mar-Moye Miss Haley


Two World-Class Foundation sires, Ch Langshotts Gale Force From Kimvalley and BISS Ch Kai Den's Black Tie Affair WC

Does the saying "It doesn't get any better than this!" come to mind?



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