2010, Whoa Nellie, Where Do You Start?
Some Deserved Braggadocio, Some Futuristic Predications and
Even Some Tasty Spanish Food!



After having one of the best dog show years in 2009, “It doesn’t get any better than this” captured the spirit of the accomplishments and accolades for that year’s span of time!

At the beginning of 2010, I stated with optimism “The best is yet to come” and at the front page of the website I proclaimed with a sparkly-type graphic 2010 Is Going To Be A Great Year and Let The Good News Begin!

To state that 2010 has been a banner year for Chambray Labradors and the Labradors Owners Community
is a Grand Canyon-sized understatement!

What ranks as the Top Headline news from the lineup below?

  • State Record 1st Ever Florida AKC Grand Champion exclusively handled by her breeder/owner handler.

  • State Record, the 24th Home-bred Champion bred by 1 breeder.

  • Back~To~Back Trifectas of “BOB, WD, WB, BOW & BOW” are won by dogs bred by 1 breeder 2 days in a row.

  • State Record 4 Trifectas in 1 Year won by dogs bred by 1 breeder

  • State Record 34 Career Trifectas won by dogs bred by the same breeder.

  • State Record 50+ Winners Dog & Winners Bitch wins in 1 year by dogs bred by 1 breeder.

  • State Record 2 Grand Champions in 1 year sired by the same stud dog.

  • State Record 3 Bred-By Exhibitor Champions

  • 4 Puppies under the age of 1 year from the same litter AKC Champion-Pointed bred by 1 breeder.

Well, this “wrap up article” puts the finishing touches on 2010 as the Greatest Year ever for Chambray Labradors, the Labradors Owners Community and any other show breeder of Labrador Retrievers in Florida.

 At the most recent dog shows in Miami one of our long time owner partners asked me “How do you top all that?”

Seeing that I was a bit taken aback and apprehensive with a quick answer, they further inquired “What will you do to surpass what appears to be the insurmountable?”

Of course if you know me well enough,

  • there isn’t much that can stop me from exercising my God-given talent of creating a dissertation on the spot on any topic or subject that I am well versed on,

  • add to that my extreme “love affair and passion” in all that concerns Labradors,

  • mix in my “absurdly and slightly maniacal, obsessive compulsive competitiveness” nature,

  • sprinkle on all of that what the critics proclaim I possess, “arrogance”, of course I label it as “assurance”!

 Now we are cooking, now you have a super aromatic and scintillating paella of epic proportions in the making for an answer!

This will make that Cajun Soup from a previous article seem mild and semi-tasteless! So, step up to the self-serve buffet and be prepared to heap up your plate with massive portions of spicy and savory Spanish-styled cuisine with all that I have to say!

However, you may be extremely surprised and mildly appreciative in that the answer is very short and sweet!

So here is the answer……………..NOT!!!!(my favorite Borat saying)

No long-winded treatise, no thesis pages long, no massive essay, no Nostradamus-like prophesies  ……..no need to brag and boast about how 2011 is going to outdo what was accomplished in 2010……….no need to predict what’s coming up next!

Just a very short and simple slogan for 2011………… “It’s All About The Dogs & Their Owners”

The plan is in place and in auto-pilot, the program is working without seemingly missing a beat.

2011 will mark the beginning of the 2nd decade of the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed.

2010 saw the culmination of 10 years of trials and tribulations, of working out the kinks of all that was new, the creases that creep in and cause the inevitable folds that turn up in all cutting edge endeavors; there would be constant fine tuning and tweaking the inner workings of the avant garde, extremely ambitious and quite unique program we now refer to as the
Labrador Owners Community.

  • A plan that saw us bring in new, outside pedigrees and lines to augment the long existing Chambray lines that dated back to 1986.

  • Along with those new lines came new faces that owned all of those dogs.

  • Working relationships were enacted to increase the gene pool and to speed up the process of producing quality.

  • The training environment was increased to satisfy the greater numbers of people with our best get and produce.

  • The natural addition to the Herzon family (Jessie Herzon & later into the decade Ryan Herzon) with extra handlers proved to be pivotal for handling all the increasing number of show quality dogs produced.

  • The insistence of “placing the best from the best” with new and most of the time “totally unproven” show homes was launched. Of course the risks of placing the best puppies with total unknowns at times created nightmares in thinking about the possibilities of never seeing those dogs materialize at the dog show venues and worst yet, losing them from being able to produce the next generation of excellence!

However, the percentages of success stories would greatly mitigate those that “got away”.  Not that at times I wouldn’t kick myself in the derriere for making a mistake, in fact many times I would slap myself upside the head due to several instances of failed placements and or relationships gone extremely sour!

A couple of die-hard cases comes to mind, even writing this offering, I find myself shaking my head and wondering “What was I thinking?” Why did I fail to see the writing on the wall about some of these offbeat individuals?

Well, spilt milk never drowned anyone (just made that one up), so with time the overwhelming successes of the program overcame the minuteness of the duds and washouts!

The successes were immediately evident; however the mistakes made were also apparent very early into the launching of the program. Fortunately the ratio between success and failure-like relationships has turned out to be 98~2 over the 10 years of the program’s enactment, that’s 98% success and 2% not-so-successful.

Getting past those early-on faux pas was important and forgetting about them is now easy to do especially with the last 5 year’s of rollicking successes, the pinnacle being 2010, we are now able to cusp into the next decade with an incomparable head of steam that is assuredly going forward on its own regardless of any single setback along the way in the future.

Where does it go from here? What does the coming months and year hold for so many outstanding dogs produced and owned by such a large group of owners that loosely comprise the Labrador Owners Community?

The only answer I can come up with at the moment is “Only time will tell”!

The demand for the dogs produced by the innovative program is now nationwide with so many of our dogs winning throughout the country. Besides the records, accolades, accomplishments, and championships listed at the beginning of this piece, there are many dogs that came from our lines, both here in Florida and in other states that have become distant flag bearers for our mission and program.

Although some of their owners do not participate within the program, those dogs still bring in the kudos and major PR, just as if they were within the program! The well-informed look beyond the people holding the leashes of those dogs and read clearly the Chambray names in the catalogs and the pedigrees of those dogs and ultimately they reach out to us in turn.

“Just the facts ma’am”! As Joe Friday of the 1950’s detective series Dragnet would deadpan, so no predictions to be made, just facts to ponder!

So below may well be the facts that we will be dealing with for this next grand year that we are all about to embark upon!

I pose the following to those inquiring.

  • Will we have more champions and grand champions in 2011,

  • will any of our current Labradors win another Best In Show,

  • will there be another litter with 4 or maybe set another record with 5 AKC pointed while they are still puppies,

  • will there be another show where Best Of Breed, Winners Dog and Winners Bitch all be won by our dogs, making it 35 career Trifectas

  • how many more Bred-By Exhibitor champions will we have this coming year,

  • how about Grand Champions that were also Bred-By Exhibitor,

  • which of our dogs will be “my lucky number” #25 Home-Bred Champion,

  • will we or any other breeder in Florida ever have 50+ Winners Dog/Winners Bitch in 1 year,

  • how many champions will Hogan produce with the very strong possibility of becoming Florida’s greatest champion Labrador producer. He already owns the distinction of being the 1st ever Florida-born Best In Show Winner.

On and on we go and where we stop no one really knows, including me, the guy with all the answers, the one with the instant tome on anything Labrador-relevant! Not this time around, I will just leave the predicting to Punxsutawney Phil the ground hog!

One thing I know for 100% surety is that the 100+ dogs that are presently part of Chambray & the Labrador Owners Community are the happiest dogs with the greatest owners ever and if not one of the prior bulleted items occurs, I will rest just as fine as if all of them do come about!

So, no predictions for 2011 as this year “It’s all about the dogs and their owners”!


As they say in New Orleans "Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler"




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