Jessie Peeples'

Story About Sammie

                                       By Jessie Peeples
August 1st, 2005


 Breeders Note: Jessie Peeples (now 14 years old)  contacted Chambray Labradors well over 2 years ago for a show puppy, the following is her story about her quest for a puppy and her first 4 months with Sammy

Breeders addendum: Jessie is now 15 years old and Sammie has grown up to be one of our top females at the shows, see third photo below. In addition Jessie is now doing Junior Showmanship with Sammie and she is contributing to the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed by conditioning dogs for our business.

Sammie at 6 weeks

Sammie at 8 months at the International Dog Shows

Sammie is now 20 months old (Nov 2006)



Dear Sandy,


  I wanted to thank you for helping make my dream come true of owning my very own show Lab.


  I will be 14 years old in a few weeks and I finally have one of the most adorable, sweet labs around. Her name is Sammy.


  I started on this quest about three years ago. I mowed lawns, cleaned cars and any other little odd job I could do to save enough to purchase her.


  I went to four other show breeders throughout Central Florida. None of them were appropriate, so my family and me ended up in Miami looking at Chambray's beautiful labs. The minute we got out of the car I realized I was finally at the right place. I just had that peace in my heart that this was where my dream would finally come true.


  When we first saw your Labs, which we had studied so much on the website, they were even more beautiful in person. I couldn't wait to call one my very own. I waited and waited for the first upcoming litter, which was supposed to be from Mr. Boo and Connie in January. But it didn't take, so you told me there would be another show litter coming up in early spring from Nola and Lance. Well, more bad news. All of those puppies, but Rock, passed away and once again I was sad. But you assured me the right one would come along.


  I prayed God would bring me the right one and sure enough, she finally came along. Her mom and dad are Bella/Bo (Am/Int Ch Surry’s Obscured By Clouds and BISS Ch Lobuff’s Bobwhite At Chucklebrook). Her name is Sammy (WinQuest Chambrays Some Like It Hot).


  I can't say enough about her! She is fabulous! She has the spirit of a majestic horse and the looks of a little angel. She just melts my heart every time I see her. The way she wrinkles up her little forehead just gets me every time.


  So far, she has done wonderful in the ring. She had difficulty behaving at first, but you and Jessie were able to work with her in the ring and she won her Baby International title at the UCI shows in May at the Orlando cluster, including a Best In Show Puppy!


  Because of the difficulty I had with her in behaving, you suggested it would be good for her to come and stay with you for training at your farm. That month of training was the best decision I could have ever made for Sammy and me. When we picked her up, it was as if we had dropped off one dog and picked up an entirely different Sammy. The change in her is unbelievable. I can't believe it is the same dog, but it is. She has stopped nipping, she gaits and stacks much better and she minds wonderfully.


  I truly feel that she has a bright future ahead. Sammy, who is now 6 months old, is going to her first AKC show this weekend in Tampa and I can't wait! I want to thank you and your family for all of your help. My prayers have been answered with Sammy.



Jessie Peeples



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