Sizzling Summer of 2010


The Sizzling Summer of 2010 Will Conclude At West Palm Beach…Sort of!!!!


Yin and Yang at its best, the summer of 2010 is only a few weeks old and we are experiencing one of the hottest and most humid summers of all times……. that’s the Yang……………………the Yin…………we just went through the coldest and longest lasting cold winters in remembered history here in Florida; for me, the coldest in my 55 years of residing in the usually sizzling and sunny state.


The first half of the Florida AKC dog show season is but a few days away from being history with the West Palm Beach dog shows coming up Saturday, July 10th and Sunday, 11th. . That wraps it up for the summer, giving us Florida show people a respite from traveling/showing in such non-dog friendly weather as the heat and humidity really takes its toll both on humans and canines alike!


For those that are part of Chambray Labradors Owners Community, the first half of the 2010 Florida dog show season like the recent weather has been a sizzler with an incomparable winning streak that defies the odds and now goes beyond any other record setting year we have had in the past. There has been at least one Chambray-bred dog that has won at every single weekend of Florida dogs shows that we have competed at thus far.


Below are some of those record setting wins* for Chambray at the Florida shows.

·        *11 straight Florida weekends with at least 1 Chambray dog winning points

·        *****14 different cities, as there were 2 different cities hosting shows on February 27 and 28, Boca Raton and Tallahassee and four different Chambray dogs won points that weekend in those 2 venues.

·        *17 Winners Bitch have been won so far by 7 of our girls

·        *15 Reserve Winners Bitch

·        *12 times our girls won Winners Bitch & RWB same day!

·        5 Winners Dog by our boys

·        1 Trifecta* WD/WB/BOB *all the major awards at 1 show!

·        3 BOB’s


*****South Carolina & Virginia Shows adds 2 more cities and 2 more Winners Bitch plus 1 more Best Of Breed by Chambrays Dakota

To add to the Winners Bitch, Winners Dog and Best Of Breed winning sprees, the AKC implemented the Grand Champion’s point system on May 12th of this year, so 2 of our champion dogs have been vying for those wins as well.


Here is a recap of each of those red-hot weekends:



Ocala ~ Clean Sweep Weekend both WB & RWB!

·        January 30th ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Lady Scarlet
RWB ~ Chambrays Emmi

·        January 31st ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Dakota
RWB ~ Chambrays Cher



Lakeland ~ Girls Sweep WB & RWB 1 day

·        February 21st ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Dakota
RWB ~ Chambrays Hanna





·        February 27th ~ WB*/BOW/BOB* ~ Chambrays Lady Scarlet
RWB ~ WinQuest Little Bella
Winners Dog* ~ Chambrays Georgie


Tallahassee ~ Both Winners Dog & Winners Bitch

·        February 28th ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Cher
     Winners Dog ~ Chambrays Cash




West Palm Beach Clean Sweep Weekend both WB & RWB

·        March 13th ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Stella
RWB ~ Chambrays Dakota

·        March 14th ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Stella
RWB ~ Chambrays Emmi





Ft Lauderdale Clean Sweep Weekend both WB & RWB

·        March 20th  ~ Winners Bitch ~ WinQuest Chambray Jewel
RWB ~ Chambrays Cher
RWD ~ Chambrays Georgie

·        March 21st ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Emmi
RWB ~ Chambrays Viper



Palmetto ~ April 4th

·        Winners Bitch  ~ Chambrays Emmi



Elkton ~ April 10th

·        Winners Dog ~ Chambrays Cadbury



Zolfo Springs ~ Clean Sweep Weekend both WB & RWB

·        April 23rd ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Scarlet
RWB ~ Chambrays Stella

·        April 24th ~ WB/BOW/BOB* Chambrays Hanna
RWB ~ WinQuest Little Bella



Vero Beach ~ WD & Girls Sweep 1 Day WB & RWB

·        May 1st ~ Winners Dog ~ Chambrays Sunny Daze
RWB ~ Chambrays Cher

·        May 2nd ~ Winners Bitch ~ WinQuest Little Bella
RWB ~ Chambrays Cher




Ft Myers ~ Clean Sweep for both Boys & Girls

·        May 22nd ~ Winners Dog ~ Chambrays Harley
    Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Cher
RWD ~ Chambrays Cash
RWB ~ Chambrays Stella

    BOS ~ 2 Grand Champion Pts* ~ Chambrays Charm
    Select Dog ~ 2 Grand Champion Pts ~ Chambrays Hogan

·       May 23rd ~ BOS ~ 2 Grand Champion Pts* ~ Chambrays Charm




Orlando ~ Major-Pointed win

·        June 25th Winners Bitch BOW 3-Pt Major~ Chambrays Dakota
    BOS ~ 3 Grand Champion Pts* ~
Chambrays Charm

·        June 26th RWB ~ Chambrays Cher
    BOS ~ 3 Grand Champion Pts* ~ Chambrays Charm

Breeders Showcase ~ Best Adult Labrador ~ Chambrays Scarlet
Breeders Showcase ~ Best Puppy Labrador ~ Chambrays Harley

·        June 27th RWD ~ Chambrays Harley
    Select Bitch ~ 3 Grand Champion Pts ~ Chambrays Charm




****Florence SC 

·         May 23rd ~ Winners Bitch ~ Chambrays Dakota




****Hampton Va. Best Of Breed

·        May 28th ~ Winners Bitch/BOW/BOB ~ Chambrays Dakota




So the swan song for the Florida summer shows this weekend will have many of our owners trekking from all parts of Florida with their dogs coming together as part of Chambray Labrador Owners Community to the West Palm Beach shows.

We are all full of anticipation as there are several of our girls and one of our boys that could conceivably win enough points to earn their AKC championship right in their own backyard! Both shows have enough dogs entered to make them 3-point majors each!


·        Chambray’s Dakota On Deck owned by Greta and Pete Schulz of Delray Beach Fl., is but 1 point away from her championship. She has been superbly handled to all of her 14 points, 3 majors and 1 Best Of Breed, by Jessie Schulz. Unfortunately Jessie Schulz is away and will not be handling Dakota at WPB so Jessie Herzon will be at the helm from the very tough Open Yellow Class for both shows this weekend with her.


·        Chambrays Scarlet owned by the Otto family (Boca Raton Fl.) and Chambrays Cher owned by the Jakeway family (Tarpon Springs Fl.) each have 11 points and 1 major and would each need to win both days to earn the required minimum 15 points and 2 majors to finish out. If that were to happen, then either would finish out with 17 points and 3 majors to their credit. Scarlet is handled by Johanna Herzon from the Open Yellow Class and Cher is handled from the Bred By Exhibitor Class by her breeder, Jessie Herzon.


·        Chambrays Hanna owned by Rosie and Bill Feeley (Wellington Fl.) could also finish out this weekend by sweeping the Winners Bitch points both days and adding to her 10 points and 1 major. Giving her a total of 16 points and 3 majors*. Actually Hanna has won 2 of those 3-point majors already but one of those wins doesn’t count as a required major win because both of those wins were awarded to her by the same judge and the requirements call for the 2 major wins coming from 2 different judges! I handle Hanna as her breeder from the Bred By Exhibitor Class.


·        Chambrays Jewel and Chambrays Bailey both owned by Faith Bandklayder and Neil Wasserman (Kendall Fl.) each currently have 9 points and if both were to win twice this weekend they would have the needed 15 points and 2 major wins to finish out their championship. Jewel is handled by Ryan Herzon from the Open Yellow Class and Bailey is handled by Jessie Herzon from the Bred By Exhibitor Class.


Several of our other boys and girls have also contributed to the 2010 wins thus far and each will be in the running for those elusive Winners Dog and Winners Bitch points as well!

·        On the girl’s side we have Chambrays Stella with 6 points (Open Yellow) owned by Debra Richmond and Dave Baxter (Vero Beach Fl.),

·        Chambrays Emmie with 6 points/1 BOB (12 to 18) owned by Faith and Neil (Kendall Fl.), and

·        WinQuest Little Bella (Am Bred) owned by Geraldo Desouza (Sunrise Fl.) all of which have won points thus far in 2010 and each could be in the running for the points.



·        Representing the boys who have also contributed to the 2010 wins will be Chambrays Sunny (Open Yellow) owned by the Jakeways (Tarpon Springs Fl.),

·         Chambrays Cash (Bred By) owned by Jen and Chris Huppert (Jacksonville Fl.) and

·        WinQuest Chambray Cadbury (Open Yellow) owned by the Otto’s (Boca Raton Fl.) who will also be in the hunt for those Winners Dog points.


Several of our dogs will be making a comeback to the AKC shows at this venue all of which have been on hiatus for the most part this year, the following will join the rest of the Chambray Team at West Palm Beach for the 2 days of shows.

·        Chambrays Honey (Am Bred) owned by Dave Defelici and family (Palmetto Bay Fl.),

·        Chambrays Ellie (Am Bred) owned by Val Till (Brooksville Fl.)

·        Chambrays Viper (Open Black female) owned by Marie Knapp of Homestead Fl.

·        Plus one of our boys, WinQuest Chambrays Cane (Open Yellow) owned by Tracy Graham (Miami Lakes Fl.)


Puppies making their AKC debut at these shows will be

·        Chambray’s Tebow (male 6 to 9) owned by the Staten family (Delray Beach Fl.)

·        Chambrays Kasey (female 6 to 9) owned by the Dr. Epstein family (Coral Springs Fl.)

·        Chambrays Maya (female 9 to 12) owned by Liz and Tom Jackson from Hollywood Fl.

·        and Chambrays Cali (female 6 to 9) owned by John Balzola (Miami Fl)


Joining them are puppies that had their coming out at the last shows in Orlando or the Ft Myers shows in May

·        Chambrays Reddi (female 6 to 9) owned by the McKain family (Naples Fl.)

·        Chambrays Pearl (female 6 to 9) owned by Danny Oviedo (Miami Fl)

·        Chambrays Eko (female 6 to 9) owned by the Padgett family (Miami Fl)

·        Chambrays Aslan (male 6 to 9) owned by Patty Rosado (Ocala Fl)

·        In the Bred By Class will be Chambrays Amy handled by Johanna Herzon


In the female 12 to 18 class will be

·        Chambrays Lula owned by Rose and Jorge Oria (South Miami Fl)

·        Her brother Chambrays Sancho (Bal Harbor Fl.) in the males 12 to 18 Class is owned by Peter Blacker.

·        Chambrays Lily will show from the Am Bred Class owned by Liz and Tom Jackson of Hollywood Fl.


Also part of the Chambray family of dogs and owners that will be at the West Palm Beach shows will be

·        Chambrays Louie owned by Richard and Eva Arnold of  WPB Fl in the Am Bred Class

·        Chambrays Georgie handled by Irene Rousso, owned by Dr & Gina Buzzetti of Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Georgie has already won both of his major points and now has a total of 7 points. 


Rounding out the weekend competing for both Best Of Breeds and for the newly enacted Grand Champion points will be AKC BIS Ch/Int BIS Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff  (Hogan) and one of his daughters AKC Ch/In Ch/UKC BIS Ch Chambrays Charmed N Counter. Hogan holds the Chambray record for the most Best Of Breeds with 20 and Charm has 3 of her own. Charm now has 13 Grand Champion points with 3 majors and Hogan has 2 Grand Champions points from the only weekend of shows that he has gone to so far since the inception by the AKC of Grand Championship points on May 12th 2010! A total of 25 points with 3 majors are needed for the newly and now-coveted award.

This outing should be very special for Hogan, for out of the 50+ Labradors showing for this weekend, 19 of those are his offspring and 6 more are his grandkids. What a huge contribution to the breed to have so many of Florida's top pointed show Labradors under one roof!

All in all, it should be a very exciting weekend to see so many of our top show dogs with all of their owners from all parts of Florida at one venue, Chambray Labradors and the Labrador Owners Community at its best at work and play!!!


Good luck to all the dogs and their owners at the dog show this weekend!




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