Spring Break 2010

March 22nd 2010


Spring has leaped forward across the land, hopefully with a welcoming local warming reprieve from the coldest winter Florida has ever experienced……………well, since humans first arrived here and then began keeping records!!!!


This new-found colder weather created some inconveniences for the thinner-skinned folk from our tropical-like neck of the woods (especially yours truly); however it sure as heck seemed to bolster our dog’s performances at the dog shows, especially the girls of Chambray!


Collectively they stormed through every weekend of shows as winners, be it our own bailiwick in South Florida to the neutral grounds of Ocala and even over to the region known as the “I-4 Corridor” in the Tampa-Orlando area where most of the other Florida Labrador breeders reside and call home.


This suit of girls has given Chambray Labradors the strongest hand ever for competing within the top levels at the Florida AKC dog show circuit! They posted 9 Winners Bitch awards from the 12 possible shows that they competed at! That’s a whopping 75% wins or in baseball lingo an unheard of 750 batting average! Making those astronomical numbers even more astounding is the fact that the Reserve Winners Bitch award was also won by a Chambray female at the exact same 75%, so that each and every time one of our girls won the coveted award of Winners Bitch, another of our girls was the runner up or Reserve Winners Bitch!


Most of this success is attributed to those dogs of the Class of 2007, the girls born from the dams and sires which were themselves a product of the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed that commenced in 1999. The fruits of the labor of the extensive program are in full splendor for all to see and the investment in time, energy and money is now paying huge dividends for Chambray Labradors and all the owners that make up the Labrador Owners Community that arose from the project.


A few specially selected members of the great Class of 2007 have now contributed to the next generation with the on-going breeding program with litters of their own, producing this newest Class of 2010! The expectations so far for the first 3 litters produced are beyond those of the producing class themselves!!!!!! Proof positive of our working motto of "Raising the bar one generation at a time"!


Of those 2007 phenoms was Chambrays Bailey On The Rocks as he was the highest rated 8-week old male puppy ever for Chambray Labradors. His 8-week assessment was right on the money as his awesome conformational attributes make him an outstanding stud dog and eventual producer and possible successor and follow in his sire’s footprints (AKC BIS/Int BIS Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff, a.k.a. “Hogan”). Bailey has now combined with 2 different females to produce 3 litters that has equaled or surpassed his high ranking and maybe even that of his sister Chambrays Charmed N Counter, the highest rated puppy ever for our kennel!


Bailey paired up with another 2007 high-achiever, WinQuest Chambray Jewel In The Ruff, producing Chambrays Emerald In The Ruff, a Best Of Breed winner at 7 months of age and now a multiple Winners Bitch winner. Emmi herself equaled her sire’s high rating as an 8-week of puppy, scoring and amazing 97.27. Bailey and Jewel were bred a 2nd time and have produced 2 female puppies that rated over 97 each!!!!! Breathtaking does not describe adequately both Chambrays Diamond Pearl and her littermate Chambrays Crystal Amethyst, plus there is a 3rd female Chambrays California Dreaming and a male Chambrays August Moon that both rated over 95 each!


Bailey was also bred to an out-source bitch, Gateways Talk Of The Town (Gabby) and they produced a litter of 7 puppies scoring over 92 each, with 1 puppy scoring over 97 and 2 others scoring over 95. We look forward to seeing Chambrays Eko, Chambrays Kasey, Chambrays Archie and Chambrays Huggy make their show debuts in May.

Bailey's stock as a stud dog has risen tremendously with the advent of these awesome puppies and subsequently has been bred to several outside show kennel's females in addition to those prior mentioned Chambray females plus to a couple more within the program and we look forward to seeing those litters in the near future!


Our super stud, top producing male of all times, Chambrays Out Of The Ruff (Hogan) was bred to another female from the 2007 Class, Chambrays Belize (a Chambrays Lance daughter) and they too had a super litter of puppies all scoring over 90’s each. There are 4 puppies with over 95’s each! Chambrays Aslan, Chambrays Reddi, Chambrays Harley and Chambrays Tebow will all debut at the IABCA shows in Orlando in May.


As we now prepare for the spring shows that start out at Palmetto Fl on April 3rd and 4th, we anticipate the debut of the first wave of the 2010 puppies in the months to come! Most will get their little paws wet at the International Shows in Orlando on May 8th and 9th, our traditional introductory grounds for the newest puppies and owners that have decided to join the Labrador Owners Community & the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed.


Following the great hands-on training experience they will all receive at the IABCA shows in Orlando, some of these new puppies will make their AKC show debut 2 weeks later at the AKC Ft Myers show, with the younger ones becoming eligible for the AKC Orlando shows in June. We hope to see all of the top performers from the Class of 2010 at the AKC shows in West Palm Beach in July where many more of our owners enter their dogs due to the close proximity to their homes in South Florida.


Meanwhile back at Chambray central, all of the Chambray dogs and owners continue taking advantage of the special training classes afforded them through the Partners Program.


Now a special night of training classes will be introduced for the Class of 2010 to get ready for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test and to prepare them for the Basic Obedience classes that we offer for all dogs older than 6 months of age.


There will be 4 weeks of Tuesday night training classes specially designed to get this group of puppies ready for the CGC test. On the 5th week of class, the test will be administered with hopefully a 100% passing rate where each of these special puppies will earn the first of many awards and titles.


In addition, the rest of the new Tuesday night training class will be reserved for all the dogs in our handling and management program to work on getting them to perform at the top show levels to bring about added successes.


This extra night is being added since our Thursday night training class has grown by leaps and bounds at times reaching 40 dogs that participate in the 2 hour sessions! Hopefully by adding a second night of training, we will be able to reduce the class size and give more individual attention to those that have been attending our classes for years.

















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