Thanking The Forum 10/19/2010



Thank You To The Wiscoy Forum Inquirers

I would like to publicly thank all those with open and inquiring minds that corresponded with me via email
and phone calls regarding the most recent thread at the Wiscoy Labrador Forum dealing with the newest
Chambray bred champion, Ch Chambrays Dakota On Board!

Although I personally thanked dozens of the well-wishers who came as a result of the sometimes wayward
forum, this gives me an opportunity to continue the education process for all those that did not write in but
had questions just the same.

The number of emails that came in more than tripled the daily 50 to 60 that I receive asking for information,
however it was the website hits and visits recorded by the ISP counter Urchin and our Earthlink Website Tools
& Services that demonstrated the tremendous amount of traffic directed at our website by the interest created
by the posters at the Labrador forum!

Although this time around it did not set a record, the hits (39,100) and the unique IP addresses (2,768),
both of those numbers indicate triple or more the regular daily averages for the website!

I collated the inquiries by topic/subject matter and here is a breakdown of what people wanted information about.

  • 40% ~ Searching for puppies. This was pretty much straight forward as all the information that is necessary
    is posted both at the Puppy Information pages and at each of the sire’s and dam’s pages. Limited Registration
    vs. Full Registration, Guarantees, Warrantees, Amenities, Support System, Free Training, Micro Chip, Price, Reservation Deposit, and Waiting List and on and on is posted at the website as full disclosure. All the preceding
    is given with a Written Guarantee. Most wanted to know where to send the Reservation Deposit.

  • 25% ~ Labradors Owners Community information. Surprising how many people wanted more information
    on the unique Owners Community and how they could be involved in the various activities offered by Chambray Labradors to owners of all Labradors, not just those bred and placed by us. Many asked for specific information
    on our Community Service Programs and our support of Therapy & Service oriented organizations.
    Some wanted more information on how to participate with their Labs at dog shows. This segment of inquiries will also lead to placement of our show puppies or of inclusion of top bred dogs into our already extensive network of owners.

  • 15% ~ Wanted more information on our professional services. Through Chambray Dog Training Inc. we offer puppy socialization, conformation & obedience training. Classes are conducted twice a week in Miami and once
    a week in Gainesville. Private one on one training sessions are set up by appointment throughout the day during
    the week in both cities. Through Professional Canine Services we provide show handling for all breeds and of
    course specialize in Labrador Retrievers with our 35 years worth of handling experiences, plus we offer the 4 Herzons on a professional level. Some that emailed in live in areas with few dog shows and may become
    handling clients in the future

  • 10% Stud Service. This is also very straight forward as all that information is listed at each of the dogs that have been specially selected to be part of our Stud Dog Program. Most were looking for stud dog service and a few
    others were offering their own dogs for stud. The evaluation for conformation & temperament is exacting and
    less than 1 out of 10 top-bred dogs will fit the bill. Having passed this prior mention requirement, the continued requirements for a dog to be offered at stud are many and varied and very few dogs will actually survive the
    gauntlet of clearances that are a must for a dog to even be considered to perpetuate the next generation of
    excellence. Since all the dogs that participate in our Stud Dog Program offer all of the above, there are many
    that are interested in using our dogs in the future.

  • Specific Information: “Place The Best”, this seems to be a favorite question for those searching for show quality puppies. It is very difficult to explain how we breed for top show quality and then we do our very best to place
    the best puppies with people that want to show or breed in the future. Difficult, because that’s not the “way” it is done by the vast majority of show breeders across the country. In fact, 99% of all show breeders will only place
    their puppies on Limited Registration, meaning that they don’t want those puppies near a dog show or to ever be bred!!!

  • Specific Information: “Why We Show So Many Labradors?” Very simple to follow the bouncing ball here folks!
    If we place out our best produce to people that want to show or that we get them interest in showing, then it
    follows suit that they will show “their” dogs! They will then hire the Herzons or other professional handlers to
    show those dogs. Since we are based in Florida, that’s where you will see the majority of our best dogs with their owners showing. If you check the front page of the website from time to time you will see dogs that came from our breeding program winning throughout the country, be it in the North (New Jersey, Mass. Connecticut, Rhode Island), through the South (Misssissippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida) and over to the Mid-West (Texas, Kansas, Arkansas,Wyoming)

  • Specific Information: “Why Do Your Dogs Win So Much?” Well, if you followed the bouncing ball from the
    previous inquiry, then it would also follow suit that by placing our best puppies with people that have a desire to show their dogs and if after raising Labradors....."Show Labradors" for the last 25 years, with 5 to 9 generations of champions already produced, that the outstanding quality will speak for itself with the 3,000 plus judges licensed
    to judge Labradors!

  • Specific Information: “Who are these few detractors that come on the forum each and every time that your
    kennel or name is mentioned?”
    Great observation in “few”………we actually know each and everyone of them……..all 3 to 5 that continually whine anonymously at the forum. Like I always say “Winners Never Whine and Whiners Never Win!” None of them account for much in the Labrador world. Some have been breeding and showing for as long as I have and have absolutely nothing to show for their efforts other than a couple cow-hocked dogs that are being traipsed from weekend to weekend of shows. A couple others have my dogs as their foundations, so their
    claim to fame is a Chambray dog!!!!! One or two are just not very bright and can’t see the tip of their nose even
    with bi-focals! Actually their continued clamoring at the forum serves me and Chambray a great service!!!!!!!!!!! Read all of the preceding...... that’s free advertising that I couldn’t buy with a $10,000 a year advertising budget
    and that’s $10,000 more than I spend on any advertising!!! Like in we spend $0, $NADA$, $ZILCH$….$ZERO$
    dollars a year in advertising!!!! So when the losers are let loose at the whiney forum, the windfall is appreciated royally, which makes the winning at the dog shows even more “savorable” because I know that it comes at their
    expense as well! So read about it from the whiners at the forum that are the losers at the dog shows or from the
    low brows that just don't get it and continue to show their ignorance by repeating themselves over and over!

  • Specific Information: "Why don't you address the detractors at the forum" Not in a million years would I lower myself to these " no names, no accounts" double dribblers of dribble! I even ask the 98% that are satisfied clients, many that are part of Chambray and the Labrador Owner's Community not to post or to engage those anonymous trolls that frequent the forum and cause trouble there. Everything I have to say, I do publicly at our website in the form of educational articles, short stories, to-the-point commentary essays and other offerings that I stand up and take full responsibility and credit for. 




Hi Mr. Herzon

That was a great article on "How A Winner Is Made"! I was able to see so many things that I had read about in the breed standard and really did not know how it applied. It is evident by all you do with your dogs and those of your owners that you are 100% into the breed in all aspects! From time to time I had seen some threads at the forum and really had no idea what it was all about. Now I see that you have put together an awesome network of owners, breeders and exhibitors that have no equal in your state and it is very evident to all outside your state that the others are venting out in frustration! Keep up the great work.

Connie Banko Ontario, Canada




Congratulations on yet another home-bred champion. I like visiting your website and see on a weekly basis how well your dogs do. There was a post at the Wiscoy that sated that your dogs can only win in Florida, but I have seen one of Hogan's sons right here in Texas take 3 Best Of Breeds. I researched his pedigree and see that not only is the sire from your breeding program, but that his dam is also one of yours as well.


Amy Streeter Houston, Texas



What on Earth are these people complaining about, are there that many loose screws in our society? I have gone through your website, read all the guarantees, amenities, training, support system and on. In all my years with the breed, now going on 20, I have never ever heard of what you offer your owners. I guess losing brings out the worst in people and that is how many see it whenever the bashers & trashers at the forum are allowed to continue on by the lady that runs the board!

Pat Toms, Michigan


Hi Sandy

Good for you! Keeping your head high and not lowering yourself or the great work you do with the breed to the same little group of misfits! As you say and all of us here in Florida know.........we know who they are and they account for zero in anything they have done and are doing for the breed.

Marite Moise Miami, Florida


Hey Sandy

I understand totally now! At first it seemed strange that somehow one breeder was able to totally dominate the wins from that state, especially Florida where there are dog shows almost every weekend throughout the year in every nook and cranny, from one end of the state to the other! You told me to read through your website and the whole master plan is there for all the other Labrador breeders in Florida to read and learn about! You make no secret of how your varied programs work, all that you offer your clients is spelled out for anyone to see, the successes are documented and detailed. The record is there, year after year how new dogs are brought up, developed, handled and then used in the breeding program. What I don't get is why these people that are always complaining don't get it! What is it that they don't understand? How simpler can it be made that your programs have been in place for over a decade, have been succeeding year after year, have reached a level of mastery in the show ring and that you are not going away! In fact, you have set up dozens that will continue on with all the programs that are in place! I wish that I had come up with a program as yours for my Golden Retrievers!

name obviously withheld.



Enough already, name names, put it out for all to see and read about. Let any of them come forward and I will gladly represent you with any litigation that may arise!

Alfonso Scolia


Hello Chambray Labradors

This is the 2nd time that I have read threads at the forum concerning your kennel and I really don't get what is up
with these people complaining about building majors. Here in the midwest we don't get majors and it is very difficult to finish a dog unless we travel great distances or put the dog out with a handler and that costs lots of money! I wish you all were closer and would come over this way with your dogs, we would make you feel right at home and welcomed!

D. Milligan KS.



Winning always has a flip side, you get resentment from the losers!! When you don't win, then none of them will
mention your name. Losing seems to bring people together to moan and complain, sort of misery loves company! The AKC system has only one winner in each sex and then 1 Best Of Breed, so that means that a maximum of 3 dogs will be winners and the rest of the entries will be losers!!!!! That's where the problem lays, your dogs win most of those 3 places and the
rest have nothing to show for their efforts, thus lots of losers and lots of complainers! Just goes to show what a great job
you have done with your breed.

Peter C. Miami Fl



Editors Note: 10/26/2010 Thanks Al and thanks also to several other owner/attorneys that have offered to
"take it further"! Let's see what the future holds and hopefully my "educating process" will illuminate the way for
some of these folk who have needed enlightening! 

Editors Note: 10/23/2010 More to come as I sort through the nearly 100 emails received as a result of the interest and traffic sent our way by the infamous forum.

Edotirs Note: 10/21/2010 The above is a representation of more than 85 emails that I have received since Dakota and her owners were congratulated at one of the "public forums"! Each and every time that either Chambray or my name comes up there, several individuals using the cloak of the anonymous posts do their best to trash and sully Chambray's name and or me personally.

Yes, we know who they are individually, I have shared their identity on a personal basis to anyone who asks and I have explained the "why and therefore" of each of them. Each has an agenda, be it what it may, but it all boils down to wayward, irrational thinking individuals that don't march to the tune of the norm. These people exist in all walks of life, in all professions, in all sports and in all daily activities. We all learn to deal with them and keep moving forward with positiveness and avoid dealing with them because to do so just causes more problems. There is no satisfying their abnormal behavior, no matter how much is attempted. Bottom line is they just don't get it and never, ever will.


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