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The Chambray Labradors Difference

The Chambray Labradors Difference

Where do your start your search for a puppy?

How do you know that the people you are dealing with are long established, authentic representatives of
the breed they are perpetuating?

Research and do your homework become the operative words here. So where do you start?

Newspaper ads, dog magazines, bulletin boards are a thing of the past as the Internet has brought the sellers
directly to the comfort of your own home and onto your video screen and flipping from one advertiser to the
other is as simple as a key stroke or the moving of the mouse over the mouse pad.

When I first started with Labrador 40 years ago, it would be the newspaper ads or the dog magazine ads that
linked sellers with buyers and even community bulletin boards were used to advertise puppies for sale. Since
the advent of the Internet, this media has now become the place to go for all your questions and in many cases,
shopping in the comfort of your own home.


 It is no different with people looking for pets especially puppies. Although the mass producers of puppies
still use newspaper ads and all the dog magazines to advertise year round to sell the hundreds/thousands of
puppies they produce, for me it has become the Internet as my tool to educate those who are doing their
homework in searching out the best possible source for this most important emotional and financial investment.

With this comfort and ease come major risks as I will detail further along this essay.

You are searching for a Labrador puppy, a puppy that you want to make part of your family, a puppy that
will grow into a full grown dog in a matter of a year, however one that will be an integral and contributing
family member for at least 12 to 14 years.


The website has become the destination point for 700 to 1000 visitors a day in
their search for information on Labrador Retrievers and in particular their search for a Labrador puppy.
Most of these visitors have been surfing the net and probably have landed on dozens, if not hundreds of other
websites that advertise their kennels on the Internet.


What makes Chambray Labradors different than all those hundreds, in fact thousands of pet market suppliers,
puppy brokers, puppy mills, backyard dabblers, big time operations, hunt and field enthusiast and other
show breeders?

What sets Chambray Labradors apart from the run of the mill hobbyist or even some of the better
known show kennels?

If you do your homework, you will come to the inevitable conclusion that the quality of the puppies
produced is 100% related to the quality and integrity of the person behind the kennel name. How does
someone searching for puppies decipher “who is who” amongst all those thousands of neat sounding kennel
names, with spiffy looking website full of gorgeous photos of puppies and dogs?


You need to look a little deeper into the background of the people behind the kennel names and the
colorful web presence. You need to look for credentials, affiliations, accreditations, acknowledgement
from peers and participation in dog related activities. You look for levels of success in those endeavors;
accomplishments, awards and certifications as these are great indicators of quality and success.


You ask for referrals and you listen to word of mouth as those are intangibles that money can not buy,
not even with thousands of dollars in newspapers and magazine ads.

You look for a following of satisfied clients because no one follows a loser or returns to poor quality.
You look for an organization whose foundations are rooted deeply with longevity and continuity and
is serving the community with useful programs and services.

Once you feel comfortable with all of the preceding about the proprietors, you then look for temperament,
soundness and health of the dogs used in the breeding program.

The breeding stock must be 100% true to the breed in every aspect. In Labrador Retrievers, temperament
is the hallmark of the breed. The unique temperament of the Labrador Retriever is what makes them the
“universal” breed for just about all types of activities.

The breeder/broker/purveyor should offer “warrantees” on temperament. They should stand 100% behind
each and every puppy they make available to be true to the breed standard’s requirements for temperament.
In other words, if it is being offered as a Labrador Retriever, it should act like a Labrador Retriever!

Health and soundness go hand in hand. Of course the puppies themselves should be full of vim and vigor and
should have all their vaccinations and wormings up to date before they are placed with the new owners,
however it is the parents of that puppy that should have had the proper “clearances” to ensure that the puppies
will grow up as healthy and as sound as possible.


Before ever considering breeding a dog, there are several procedures that are available to breeders to identify
those dogs that are free of genetic problems. Since those problems can be passed on to the offspring, it is
imperative that the breeding stock is free of these problems so that can we ensure and warrantee that the
offspring will be free of them as well.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA for short) is one of the diseases that can affect many breeds including
Labrador Retrievers.

An AFFECTED dog will eventually go blind from this disorder. This disease follows the dominant/recessive
mode of inheritance, so that a dog can be

A) Totally free of the disease (NORMAL/CLEAR)

B) Carry the disease in the recessive gene (CARRIER)

C) Be affected by the disease and go blind (AFFECTED)

The absolute best way to find out where a dog stands with PRA is through DNA testing!

The worst way to find out about PRA is to have a dog go blind or to keep breeding a dog that produces
blind puppies! If the breeding stock has not been DNA tested, then there is NO GUARANTEE that the
puppies will not go blind!!!!!


What should a responsible breeder do to ensure the best results and to protect the breed, not to mention to
protect his puppy buyers from ever having to deal with PRA?

Simple, have all the dogs DNA tested for PRA!!!!!!!!

No excuses, the test is available and can be submitted directly to the testing organization without using a vet.
The price has dropped from over $300 to less than $150 in the four years that it has become available.
No excuses for not doing the test. NONE!

Hip Dysplasia (CHD) is the broad term used for any anomaly or abnormality of the hip joint. It encompasses
many conditions, including those caused by genetic modes of inheritance and also by nutritional deficiencies
and environmental situations, including accidents that also account for a significant percentage of the numbers
of cases recorded.

There is no DNA test available to determine which dogs possess the CHD genetic condition, so at this time
there is no way to determine the cause or the culprit.

The best that can be done at the present is to perform radiology an all dogs used for breeding and then only
use those dogs that “seem” to be clear of the disease. Since we do not have the ability to “look” beyond the x-rays,
there is no way to determine if a dog carries CHD in a recessive mode.

One of the organization that certifies x-rays is OFA and they have published statistics that track the incident
rate of the disease. From sires and dams with passing scores, there is a 90+% chance that the offspring would
also pass, however there was also a 10% (plus or minus) that would not pass the OFA’s stringent criteria for

Unfortunately, that’s as good as it gets for the present time of research and development. As soon as a
DNA test is available for CHD, all our dogs will be subjected to the test.

So, what is the difference between all those thousands of breeders, hobbyist, brokers, puppy mills and
Chambray Labradors?


RESEARCH on the Internet is at your finger tips. Ask questions about credentials, accreditations,
achievements and involvement in the breed and in dog related activities. Ask about the soundness and
health of the sires and dams; also ask about warrantees and guarantees if the unexpected were to happen.

Warrantees and Guarantees should be available in hard copies or on the website to download and print out.

All of the clearances made on the sires and dams should be available for verification, either with
certificates or viewable on the website or at the appropriate certifying organizations.

Caveat Emptor…………………….Buyer Beware is the name of the game when searching for your newest
addition to your family. However, we now have the Internet as a research tool and used wisely it can become
a great asset in the selection process for both buyer and seller.

Remember we are first Labrador Retriever lovers!!!! Our passion is first and foremost this wonderful
breed of dog. Secondly we are breeders of top notch conformation dogs, we are professional dog trainers
and finally we are dog handlers. If it were not for our love of the breed, we would not breed. We breed to
perpetuate the great qualities of the breed. We train and offer training to provide a mentoring environment
for all of our puppies and finally we handle professionally because we want to show off those great puppies
we have bred and we want to win with them!!!

We are professionals in everything we do! This is not a just on weekends,
backyard hobby thing, this is the real thing for us.

Chambray Labradors Inc.
Professional Canine Services Inc.
Chambray Dog Training Inc.
LabWell Products Inc.

All these companies are incorporated in Florida


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