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Hi Sandy

It’s been 5 years since Molly passed on at the age of 13 years. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this to you.
We are still not ready for another dog, but our now grown up daughter is!

You may remember Molly and us, the Wahbergs from Jupiter Fl. We adopted her from you when she was just 7 months old in September of 1992.
She was a “show prospect” that you were keeping and training for show. Hurricane Andrew had come by in August and destroyed all of South Dade, including your home, farm and kennels! You desperately needed homes for all of your Labradors since there was no place left on your
5 acres to house them, let alone you and your family.

We heard about you and your plight from one of our neighbors that owned another Chambray dog and that had visited you and your
family recently after the hurricane.

We drove down to see if we could somehow help out and it was you that gave us one of our most precious gifts, Molly. We had heard
that you had no electricity, no water, no phone and only one room in your damaged home for you, your wife and baby daughter and both of
your parents.

We brought down canned foods, water and supplies and to our amazement and surprise you led us further back in your area to where other
people had absolutely nothing to eat, drink or even wear. Some were living in abandoned cars, others in make shift tents or plywood shacks!

We asked if we could help with the dogs and you suggested that we take one of your precious puppies that you were grooming for show.
We offered to pay for her and you refused any money, instead you asked us to house her and love her.

I always tell everyone the story that as we drove away from your farm, I looked back and saw you wiping tears from your face and that
makes me cry even more! 

Well, the rest is Wahberg history as Molly was to become one of our own. She gave us so much unconditional love. Our daughter Megan
was 3 years old at the time and the two of them grew up together. Megan is now 21 years old and graduating from college this year and
all she ever talks about is “wanting another Labrador just like Molly”.

We would like to get Megan another Chambray puppy for graduation. Please consider us for a placement of one of your precious gifts!

The Wahbergs


Hi all,

I recently lost my loving companion that gave me and my family almost 12
years of unconditional love.
As I write I have tears in my eyes and scrolling through your web really
touched my heart. I can definitely see your point of view as how life can
feel so empty without these great dogs.
I know I can never replace Aldo, but I also know that I need this kind of
companionship throughout my life.
I tried approaching a local breeder but their rigid approach tuned me
completely off. I had to squeeze info out of them one e-mail at the time. It
almost seemed kind of weird. Your web is very clear about cost, procedures
and all so I don't have to beg for information.
The only inconvenience is that you are out of state.
Could you please let me know how can we make that work? I am located in DC
area - Chevy Chase, MD.
I would love a male, yellow lab and this is my kind of guy (picture copied
from your web site)
I think that the name of the Sire (Bailey on The Rocks) and Dame (Talk of The

Town) sounds so cool and the combination cannot be better :o)
Can you please let me know if this lovely pup is still available? I am sure
you can identify him.

I am willing to fly over.

Looking forward to hear from you,
Nicoleta  P.
PS: Our dog will spend with us almost 24 hours / day. Aldo came with us to
work every day (we are self employed) and his favorite spot was under my
desk. My husband and I loved him like a "son" (I know some people make fun
of us) until we had our son, Nicholas. I still tell them both that their
love put together cannot compare with the love my dog showed me throughout
the years. Exactly as you said...



Mr. Herzon

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions in the emails that we have sent you. I know that you are a very busy person
with all the involvement you have with Labradors, training classes and the many owners that make up your Labrador community. We was so
devastated when our 10 year old Buster developed cancer and died suddenly, but to add insult to injury, Buster’s breeder didn’t give us the time
of day when we contacted her about his condition or after we notified her that he had gone. She bills herself as a “big time show breeder”,
but really has ice water coursing through her veins for blood!

Our attempts at finding a breeder that seems to care also gave us a rude awakening! Everyone that we contacted met us with major attitude.
Almost all the “reputable” ones wanted our life history in writing before even considering us for a puppy. The list of referrals they wanted
included letters from our vet and from our neighbors, proof of house ownership and photos of our fencing and one even wanted a copy of
our tax returns to see if we qualified financially!

Then we also encountered an array of “fly by nights”, “Johnny come lately”, dozens and dozens with no credentials or club affiliations,
many profiteers with pathetic looking dogs and then some that would meet us at a “convenient” Wal-Mart parking lot to show us their puppies!

It was like reliving the nightmare of losing our Buster all over again each and every time we dealt with another “breeder”!

Then we decided to look out of state and found your website from Florida! It didn’t take long to see the difference, the passion, the professionalism,
the true caring for the breed that you offer, not the mention that you have been raising Labradors longer than I have been alive and I
turn 39 years old in December! Both my husband and I spent days combing through your website, even when we were at work!
We read every story, every testimonial, looked at all the photos, went over all your written warrantees, guarantees, amenities, services offered,
training, therapy, obedience, CGC, reading dogs and sponsorships for many community services.

Then we emailed you and instantly you emailed back with all our answers and even more, you took the time to point out at your website where
to make a hard copy of our questions and your answers so that we can have them in writing from the website.

We emailed again wanting to know more information and once again you took more time to answer our questions. Even though you state that you
would rather use email to conduct business, you eventually asked us to call you at a specific time that you would be indoors by the phone.

We are now planning our trip from Stone Mountain Georgia to sunny Miami Florida to visit and maybe drive back with one of your black
males from Hogan! I know you say blacks don’t do well down in Miami, but they are everyone’s favorite up this way.

Ed and Marcia Hitchcock
Stone Mountain Ga.


Editors Note: The preceding 3 emails are a representation of emails I receive weekly from both
old time owners and those new to our website and to our ways of doing things. Recently I have
heard from people that obtained a Labrador from Chambray as far back as 1986! I even heard
from an owner whose Chambray Lab lived to be 17 years! After the phone conversation I was not convinced of the year they purchased the puppy from us, but a search through our files proved the man right as they had bought the dog in 1992 and it was from the litter born the morning of August 24th 1992, the day Hurricane Andrew ripped a hole in everyone's life down here in South Miami/Dade County!!!!!!!

Several days ago, I observed September 11th (9/11) both as a national day of mourning and also my father's birthday, he passed away March 30th 2001, 5 months before the day of infamy!

It seems that that day brings out the sentiments in all of us because since then I have received an unusual amount of emails as those from above. There have been double the amount of emails requesting information on new puppies and adopting older pups and dogs.

As long as I am able, I will be more than willing to answer all questions and share freely all of my experiences with this wonderful breed of dog. I will continue to make available to all the best bred Labradors possible, with warrantees, guarantees, lifetime support system and all the other
amenities that come with being involved with just one breed of dog for 40 years!

That's guaranteed in writing!


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