Triple Threat Testimonial




Just finished reading through the Aug 5th Triple Threat Emails articles.


I know how "M" is totally overwhelmed by all that Chambray offers. We were there 2 years ago and 2 dogs later. I clearly remember the day we came to pick out our 1st dog. We had pick of the litter that day, but in reality you had picked the dog for us, Eko and 6 months later Ti. It took several months for me to understand the big plan and the inner workings of Chambray. Your team are the experts and I am just now considering myself a novice. I have learned to follow your advice, recommendations and take full advantage of all the Chambray has to offer (Group training, private training, professional show handling and great talks under the tree at the farm and around the show ring). I am a proud owner of the 2 finest dogs I have ever owned, not only in conformation show potential, but big part of my family as pets.


I would have loved to talk to "M" one on one. As being part of your program, everything you said to me and published on your website have been absolutely true.  For this to work there has to be 100% trust between you (Chambray) and the owner(s). 




Paul Padgett


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