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UKC Top 10 for 2008




AKC Ch/BIS Int Ch/BIS UKC GrCh Chambrays Hoganís Hero Rocky adds yet another major accomplishment to his already huge credentials page; UKC Top 10 Labrador Retriever by finishing the year ranked #6 and now is eligible for the UKC National Championships to be held in Kalamazoo Michigan. Rocky also earned his Grand Championís title this past year.


UKC GrCh WinQuest Chambrays N Nick O Time becomes the second Chambray-bred do finish in the UKC Top 10 Labrador Retrievers fir 2008 and is also eligible for the UKC National Championships in Kalamazoo Mi.


This was a very hard accomplishment for both dogs as they were going head to head at most of the same shows throughout the year, as well as several other Chambray-bred dogs that also competed and won several of the Best Of Breeds that are used in the determination for the rankings.


Congratulations to Rocky's owner Karen Gjertsen and to Nikkiís owners Lydia Castellanos and Ray Santos for your hard work and determination.

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