Wahoo Weekend
International Dog Shows Fall 2009




Wahoo Weekend at the Fall 2009 International Shows

We now have a 5 time Best In Show winner
A new Triple Crown Registry Champion (AKC, UKC & IABCA)
Hogan wins another BIS Top Stud Dog Producer
 and 15 New Champion's Titles & much more!


Wow, we could not ask for better dog weather for the October 2009 International Dog Shows! Saturday morning it was downright cold and crisp with a nippy breeze bringing the first real cold front of the year into the Orlando area just in time for our traditional fall trek to this venue. All the dogs were feeling frisky, acting rather wily with excitement and some were just besides themselves and beyond containment.


I will take that kind of weather any day, although it takes a bit more to control the dogs while in the ring, it does give them an edge in personality.


A frenzied atmosphere of excitement was also evident from the owners as they each made their way into the cavernous building that was serving both as our shelter from the windy, chilly weather and as the stage for the 2 days and 4 shows that were to commence on Saturday and finish out on Sunday. Some of the owners were old hat to these shows and others were brand spanking new to the dog show world, so the event promised plenty of drama and adventure for all involved.


The Chambray owners and visitor/guest came from all points within Florida, with as far south as Key Largo, north to Ocala, west to Tampa and east to Vero Beach, in fact there were 14 cities represented by our Labrador Owners Community! This is the Owner’s Community at its best, people involved with there dogs no matter how far needs to be traveled.


As in previous jaunts to the International shows, this weekend was to also serve as the launching pad for some of our newest owners and puppies, however as our more experienced dogs need the extra work; lately we have been encouraging their owners to make the trip to enhance their dogs AKC ring performances in the coming months. So in essence we had a very nice mix of old hands and new comers trekking the state and meeting up at this Orlando half-way point.


The International shows are run by the IABCA club, unlike the AKC shows, these shows are run very informal and at times a helter skelter atmosphere persists with some judges running as much as an hour behind the times. To add to the seemingly chaotic going’s on, traditionally the Herzons bring twice as many dogs to handle in an effort to introduce more owners to the dog show world, getting their feet wet in a less structured environment than at the very competitive and very formal venue of the AKC shows.


In order to create a semblance of order within the mass confusion that at times sets in, we device a very detailed game plan for most of the eventualities that can and will come up with the number of dogs that we handle. This particular weekend we had 15 Labradors, 1 Irish Setter, 2 Pharaoh Hounds, and 1 Rottweiller. Much to our chagrin, every one of these breeds was listed as starting at the exact same time in different rings!


To make matters worse, the Herzons were down one handler as Jessie could not make the trip down from Gainesville where she now lives and goes to the University of Florida. So, it would be up to Johanna, Ryan and yours truly to cover all the assignments in the various rings throughout the building. Does “mad rush” come to mind here?


We came prepared with a written game plan that was followed flawlessly, with only one or two hiccups along the way. Handler assignments were issued for each dog; priorities were created in case several of a handler’s dogs were to win and of course win our dogs did! We were able to enlist the aid of some of the Labrador judges to allow us to split up the judging so the 3 Herzons could cover all the dogs that had won their classes. We also asked the other breed judges to work around our schedule as the Rottie and the Pharaoh hounds each were to win and go into the groups.


The biggest bump in the road was created by a judge that insisted on bringing back dogs into the ring that had already been defeated in competition, thus creating havoc for a moment or two by not having enough handlers to go back into the ring. Once passing that log jam and explaining to some of the owners the proper procedure that should have been followed by the quirky judge, the show went on as usual. Of course the usual pouting and grumpiness from those owners whose dogs did not win was evident, however it was soon to be forgotten by the fast flowing stream of activity that slows down for no one.


Aside from those few errant moments, the rest of the weekend seemed to move along without too much consternation and I think that most had a very good time with all our dogs coming away with their International champion’s titles.


The end result of the 4 show was as follows:


6 BEST IN SHOWS were won out of the possible 16 available all weekend

All 15 Labradors that we handled achieved their International Champion’s title

A total clean sweep of the 4 Adult Labradors BEST OF BREEDS where there was competition from non-Chambray managed dogs.

4 BEST OF BREED Bred By Exhibitor Puppy out of the 4 possible with competition from Non-Bred By Chambray dogs

2 BEST OF BREED Regular Puppy from a possible 4 with competition from Non-Chambray managed puppies.

The Rottie took 2 Best Rottie Puppy with more than 13 puppies of different age competing.

Both Pharaohs championed

The Irish Setter added another title to its long record.


Chambrays WinQuest Summer Breeze (Hanna) a daughter of Hogan and WinQuest Summer Storm (Olivia) was the top winner for the weekend with the following

  • 2 Best In Show Bred By Puppy
  • 1 Best In Show Puppy
  • 3 Best Of Breed Bred By Labrador Puppy with 5 competing
  • 1 Best Of Breed Labrador Puppy with 11 competing
  • 4 Bred By Group 1’s


She now has a total of 4 International Best In Shows to her credit.


Chambrays And The Beat Goes On (Cher) was our top adult winner for the weekend.

  • 2 Best In Show Bred By Adult
  • 4 Best Of Breed Bred By Adult with 4 competing
  • 3 Best Of Breed Adult with 10 competing


Cher now leads the International Best In Shows with a total of 5 Best In Show wins.


Chambrays Sancho’s first trip to a dog show proved huge with him taking a

  • 1 Best In Show Bred By Puppy
  • 1 Best Of Breed Bred By Labrador Puppy with 5 competing
  • 1 Best Of Breed Labrador Puppy with 11 competing


WinQuest Chambray Cadbury also added to the winning ways for Chambray with a Best Of Breed Adult Labrador with 10 adult Labradors competing and a Group 2. This win along with Cher’s 3 Best Of Breed Adults created a total shut out of the wins for Best Of Breed Adults.


Chambrays Charmed N Counter would earn the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown Registries and now she is AKC Ch/UKC BIS Ch/ Int Ch Chambrays Charmed N Counter.


The following dogs all earned their International champion’s titles.

  • Int Jr Ch WinQuest Chambray Silver Lining (Little Bella)
  • Int Adult Ch WinQuest Chambray Puttin On The Ritz (Lola)
  • Int Adult Ch Chambrays Queen Of Hearts (Viper)
  • Int Jr Ch Chambrays Sunny Daze
  • Int Baby Ch Chambrays Good Vibrations (Cricket)
  • Int Jr Ch Centre Court Salty The Sea Dog
  • Int Adult Ch Chamrbays Prissy Woman
  • Int Jr Ch Chambrays All That Jazz
  • Int Baby Ch Chambrays Me And Brodie McGhie

The proverbial "icing on the cake" to the whole weekend and rightly so was provided by our stud dog extraordinaire, AKC Best In Show Ch /Int. BIS Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff (Hogan), where together with 4 of his best offspring was awarded BEST IN SHOW Stud Dog Producer. Rightly so because his offspring dominated the Labradors wins, Group placements and the Best In Show wins, including 3 Best In Show wins from his daughter Chambrays WinQuest Summer Breeze (Hanna) and 2 Best In Show wins from another daughter, Chambrays And The Beat Goes On (Cher). One of his sons, WinQuest Chambray Cadbury won 1 Best Of Breed Labrador and also 1 Best Of Breed Labrador Bred By Exhibitor and another son Chambrays Hogan's Hero Rocky was to win the Male Adult Class at all 4 shows.


I had the extreme honor of handling Hogan in front of some of the most renown judges in the business, Steve Keating, Karen Ashe and Jane Ropollo; following Hogan into the ring were Hanna, Cher, Cane, and Little Bella. Competing against Hogan for Top Stud Dog Producer was a Best In Show winner Pomeranian and his offspring, however the judges conferred and all 3 came to the same conclusion, Hogan BEST IN SHOW Top Stud Dog Producer! This makes it the second time Hogan wins the prestigious award, the 1st coming last year in the fall of 2008.


Congratulations to all our dogs and all the owners for a great outing!









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