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Westminster Dog Show, New York NY,
Jessica Herzon,
AKC BIS Ch Chambrays Out Of The Ruff THD NFP NJP
Need we say more? Photo above Central Park NY
During the One & Only Westminster Dog Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chambray Labradors
AKC Reg. Name ~ AKC Breeder Of Merit & AKC CGC Evaluator


Florida's Only Labrador Breeder With
Multiple Home-Bred AKC Best In Show Champions
*USA most new champions for 2012 with 6 AKC Champions*
*USA most qualifiers for the 2012 Eukanuba National Championships with 7*
*USA one of only 2 Labrador breeders with an AKC Best In Show Winner for 2012*

Many of our website visitors and readers have been requesting a more visual type graphic of our championship
accomplishments & records without having to wade through multiple pages and lengthy articles.
So for your visual pleasure I present
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Chambray LabradorsAKC Reg. Name
Where we offer the total Labrador Retriever ownership experience.
From Champion-Pedigreed, superior bred, top of the line Labradors to a Lifetime Support System,
Unparalleled Written Warrantees/Guarantees, Free Professional Training Packages for every puppy and dog placed.
"It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This"

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Little Bella

Jericho Pedigree


WOWAMAZING News!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Chambray Champion
Florida Record #36 Home Bred Champion
AKC Ch Chambrays The Count De Monet




Kika is now
Best In Show Bred-By Exhibitor Silver
& Bronze Grand Ch
Chambrays Celestial N Counter
Kika is Florida's most decorated    champion ever.
Best In Show Champion
Silver Grand Champion
Bronze Grand Champion
Grand Champion
Bred-By Exhibitor Champion

Jericho is now

Grand Ch Summithill Joshua's Battle Of Jericho
Jericho now is an Honor Roll Qualifier for the
2013 Eukanuba National Championships



For show results starting in September
click below

August 2nd 2013

Kenner LA

Ch Chambrays Rum Tum Tugger

Select Grand Ch Major Pt/Win Over Competition



July 14th 2013

West Palm Beach Fl

Chambrays Laffitte Stellar N Counter

BIS Silver Gr Ch Chambrays Celestial N Counter

Ch Chambrays The Count De Monet
Select Champion

Chambrays Stellar N Counter
Best Bred-By Exhibitor Labrador & Group 3

Reserve Winners Dog
Chambrays South Paw Lanza

Reserve Winners Bitch
Chambrays Cover Girl








July 13th 2013

West Palm Beach Fl

Chambrays Laffitte Stellar N Counter

BIS Silver Gr Ch Chambrays Celestial N Counter

Chambrays Mean Green Josephine
Best Bred-By Exhibitor Labrador



July 7th 2013

Huntington Kennel Club

Chambrays Summer Thunderstorm


Winning Streak Continues

All of 2012 and now all of 2013 through July 2013!!
Every weekend of dog shows 19 months running!

The Chambray Dog Show Management Program now has
5 Qualifiers for the 2013 Eukanuba National Championships
BIS Ch Chambrays Out The Ruff
BIS BBE Silver/Bronze Grand Ch Chambrays Celestial N Counter
Bronze Grand Ch WinQuest Chambray Reaching For The Stars
Grand Ch Summithill Joshua's Battle At Jericho
BBE Ch Chambrays First N Counter

NEW AKC/Eukanuba STATS for 2013  Starting from October 11, 2012  to  April 30, 2013
BIS BBE Silver Gr Ch Chambrays Celestial N Counter
#2 Labrador Retriever Female USA


Other recent weekend wins at the following



Check out the all of the 2012 Dog Shows.
This is where "proof is in the pudding".
Verifiable results are iron-clad and leave absolutely no room for
those that make claims but can't back them up.
Chambray Labradors is the top Labrador breeder
in the SE USA, bar none!
The 2012 Dog Show Results






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